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[PRESSWIRE] Dinamarca - 10 de febrero del 2021 -- Printed Farms, Wellington es una empresa emergente con sede en Florida, que acaba de completar la impresión 3D del primer edificio impreso en 3D en Florida, una unidad de almacenamiento de 71 m2 (784 pies cuadrados), utilizando una impresora gigante BOD2 que mide 15 * 12,5 * 10 metros (50 * 42 * 33 pies) de ancho, largo y alto.



[PRESSWIRE] Denmark – 09.02.21 -- Printed Farms, Wellington est une start-up venant de la Floride, qui vient de finir d’imprimer le premier bâtiment 3D en Floride. Un espace de stockage avec une aire de 71 m^2, en utilisant une imprimante géante nommée BOD2.


[PRESSWIRE] Zagreb, HR – 05 February, 2021 -- These hi-tech, mostly ICT companies do not depend on the Croatian internal market. The companies on this list hold a positive view on innovations, thus offering chances to their employees to develop new skills and know-how in challenges of innovations. The workforce of the top 1000 companies by revenue from exports is 26,785, mainly highly-educated professionals.


[PRESSWIRE] Australia – 26 January, 2021 -- Rhotex ( ) has officially launched 3 miner cases configured with an in-built factory cooling system to ensure 100% efficiency as the chips generate heat.

[PRESSWIRE] MIRAIRE, TÓQUIO-YOKOHAMA: TSUBASA+, um jogo do mundo real para telefones celulares, será lançado nas principais regiões da Europa em 30 de setembro de 2020, e na Ásia e Oceania, incluindo o Japão, em 15 de outubro de 2020, juntamente com outras regiões da Europa. (TSUBASA+ (Tsubasa Plus)

[PRESSWIRE] Brussels, 9 September 2020 - An ISFE-commissioned Ipsos MORI report carried out during Q1 and Q2 to look at video game player behaviour during the pandemic shows that video games have been an important support for players’ mental health as well as for parents educating their children during Europe’s lockdown.

[PRESSWIRE] Brussels - 27 August, 2020 -- Ahead of the world’s biggest, now virtual video games event, gamescom, this week, ISFE publishes its annual “Key Facts”, celebrating one of the fastest growing creative industries in the EU in numbers.  The insightful report ISFE Key Facts presents the economic, societal and demographic highlights of Europe’s video games sector.




[PRESSWIRE] San Francisco, USA - 8.18.2020 -- Avenue Code opens its European innovation lab to help enterprise organizations accelerate digital evolution and pivot toward a flexible, distributed model.


[PRESSWIRE] London, United Kingdom – 19 June, 2020 -- As the lockdown is slowly eased and workplaces reopen, it is to no-one’s surprise that many changes in office practice have occurred and many more will need to be implemented. With law firms and other businesses planning on less than 30% office occupancy at any one time, there will be more reliance on remote working together with the need for flexibility in working practices. A reduction in staff numbers is going to be commonplace and the need to pool resources across sites a necessity.


[PRESSWIRE] Chicago, IL United States - 19 March, 2020 -- Surgisphere has developed a COVID-19 triage tool that helps prioritize care for patients who are in urgent need of care.