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Combined Knowledge Launches SharePoint 2010 End User Adoption Product

[PRESSWIRE] 22.08.2011 -- Combined Knowledge, one of the World’s leading SharePoint Training Providers has launched a new SharePoint 2010 End User Adoption Product, which provides organizations with the ability to support their end users following the deployment of SharePoint 2010.

SecPoint Penetrator awarded top marks by IT security bible

[PRESSWIRE] Copenhagen, Denmark. 17.08.11 -- Widely-respected SC Magazine for IT Security Professionals has awarded SecPoint's Penetrator system 5/5 for Features, Ease of use, Documentation and Support, giving the groundbreaking product full marks, overall.

SideSkills.com Allows People to Use Real Life Connections to Find Work, Hire Employees

[PRESSWIRE] 16.08.2011 - Los Angeles, CA -- New site adds social media and online connections to job search. As more and more people turn to the internet to find work or to hire for an open position, a new site called SideSkills.com is setting out to help people find work and grow their business through their online connections.


Rugby World Cup in Your Pocket

[PRESSWIRE] 11.08.2011 -- With thirty days to go to the greatest rugby event in the world, SportingOracle.com have launched the most comprehensive app for the Rugby World Cup.

Giants Of The Tyre Trade Go Online With Amazing Deals

[PRESSWIRE] 04.08.2011 Tyregiant.com is the online pit stop for fantastic quality tyres at discount prices and the winning news is that by dealing directly with factories throughout the world they can offer an amazing 50% saving on leading brands, lapping their competitors who claim to offer 40%. Boasting 40 years' experience in the retail trade, Tyregiant sell more than 2.5 million tyres per year so they know the tyre business inside out.


Luxury Property index - French Riviera and Monaco July 2011

[PRESSWIRE] 02.08.2011 -- French Riviera : A Boost in Holiday Home Sales as Prices Continue to Drop The number of luxury holiday home sales along the French Riviera has experienced a boost in July as prices are still dropping and the properties give buyers more value for their money.

Mobile Versus Online Research

[PRESSWIRE] 29.07.2011 Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA –- Resolve Market Research, Cint and Thumbspeak partner to compare survey results using both online and smartphones. Brands and researchers can leverage the mobile phone in tandem with online surveys – and expect equivalent results In a study performed by Resolve Market Research, and powered by Cint with Thumbspeak, the parallel results suggest that marketers can now reach consumers in a contextually relevant, real-time setting.

aeroinv.com ready for take off

[PRESSWIRE] 28.07.2011 -- The aftermarket supplier of aircraft parts - aeroinv.com - is now listed on ILS with up to $350m / 150k+ SKUs. aeroinv.com’s extensive breadth of stock spans most major aircraft brands and models.


BusinessFunding.co.uk flags funding opps as public sector cash dwindles

[PRESSWIRE] London, England (27.07.11) -- A major new service for businesses has gone live on Wednesday allowing start-ups and SMEs to explore their finance and funding options quickly and easily, as new data shows public sector funding has dropped by a quarter... Statistics from BusinessFunding.co.uk's database - which tracks over 1,000 UK business funding sources - show the number of public sector-backed funding sources available to companies has shrunk by at least a quarter in the last year alone, and the number of grant schemes has shrunk by a similarly large amount.

Who's the Favourit? Time to find out

[PRESSWIRE] London, United Kingdom; Melbourne, Australia (25.07.2011) - The global sports betting and entertainment industries are about to be shaken up by a new crowd pleaser, Favourit, giving users the true front row experience at every event. Every sports match, reality TV episode, election, music chart or racetrack has the crowd wanting to know who’s the favourite. Inevitably there’s always someone left boasting, “I told you so”.