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Friends of Anjool Malde, entrepreneur and stockbroker, celebrate his wonderful life

On Thursday, 9 July, close friends and family of Anjool "Jools" Malde gathered to celebrate his life at Eight Club, a private members club in the City of London. His birthday party had been planned for that date, but became an opportunity for loved ones to come together and celebrate the joy and inspiration Jools was to each of them.

Anjool Malde young entrepreneur and stockbroker dies after eighth floor leap

On Wednesday, it was announced that 24-year old stockbroker, nightclub entrepreneur and former BBC journalist Anjool “Jools” Malde died after leaping off the eighth floor of up-market London restaurant Coq d’Argent near the Bank of England at 12:10 on Sunday 5th July.


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Law firms 'do or die' to succeed in recession

The impact of the recession is forcing businesses to make changes to the way that they operate. The Legal profession is one of them as there has been an increase of 26% from last year in the number of law firm closures, according to statistics from the Solicitors Regulatory Authority.

Uganda NGO makes urgent appeal for partners

The Project Director of Help Africa Relief and Development in Uganda (HARD RELIEF), Tommy Moses Awio, is appealing to individuals, groups, churches and organisations to help suffering communities in Northern Uganda and assist his organisation in any way they can.

Celebrate A Perfect Day with Helena Bonham Carter

‘A Perfect Day’, North London’s most exciting community street festival in aid of Swiss Cottage Specialist School for children with Special Needs, will be opened by Helena Bonham Carter on Sunday 13 September 2009. Doors will open at 12.30 and Helena will kick off proceedings on stage with the support of some of the children from the school.

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Even Death Row is hit by the downturn

Quite a few American states are currently considering ending the death penalty. The reason? Well, it seems that killing people costs too much.

School with no GCSEs, grades, cleaners, or meat on the menu celebrates 40th year

Described in the Good Schools Guide as ‘A unique school’ Brockwood Park School remains in a league of its own.

Nation Succumbs To Credit Crunch Munch

A significant proportion of British adults are in danger of falling victim to the ‘Credit Crunch Munch’ by self-medicating with food to relieve depression and stress brought on by their financial worries.