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Comment les données spatiales de l’UE peuvent-elles bénéficier au monde financier ?


[PRESSWIRE] POLAND – 01.09.22 -- Les technologies d’observation de la Terre et de positionnement par satellites (GNSS) pourraient-elles apporter des solutions à certains des défis actuels en matière d’assurance, d’investissement et de services financiers ? Lors du 4ème Hackathon CASSINI, les équipes en compétition auront pour mission de créer des produits et des services pour le secteur financier en utilisant les données spatiales de l’UE.


Kuo ES turimi duomenys apie kosmosą gali būti naudingi finansų pasauliui?

[PRESSWIRE] POLAND – 01.09.22 -- Ar Žemės stebėjimo ir pasaulinės palydovinės navigacijos sistemos (angl. GNSS) technologijos galėtų padėti išspręsti kai kuriuos egzistuojančius draudimo, investicijų ir finansinių paslaugų iššūkius? 4-ajame CASSINI hakatone dalyvaujančios komandos gaus užduotį sukurti finansų sektoriui skirtus produktus ir paslaugas, pasitelkdamos ES turimus kosmoso duomenis.


Jak mohou data EU o vesmíru přinést prospěch finančnímu světu?

[PRESSWIRE] POLAND – 01.09.22 -- Mohly by technologie na pozorování Země a technologie GNSS (Globální družicový polohový systém) poskytnout řešení některých současných problémů v oblasti pojišťovnictví, investic a finančních služeb? Na 4. CASSINI hackathonu budou mít soutěžní týmy za úkol vytvořit produkty a služby pro finanční sektor s využitím dat z vesmírných programů EU.


Wie können EU-Raumfahrtdaten für die Finanzwelt von Nutzen sein?

[PRESSWIRE] POLAND – 01.09.22 -- Könnten Erdbeobachtungs- und GNSS-Technologien Lösungen für aktuelle Herausforderungen bei Versicherungen, Investitionen und Finanzdienstleistungen bieten? Beim 4. CASSINI Hackathon sollen die teilnehmenden Teams Produkte und Dienstleistungen für die Finanzindustrie unter Verwendung von EU-Weltraumdaten entwickeln.


In che modo i dati spaziali dell’UE possono avvantaggiare il mondo finanziario?


[PRESSWIRE] POLAND – 01.09.22 -- L’osservazione della Terra e le tecnologie GNSS possono fornire soluzioni ad alcune delle attuali sfide dei settori delle assicurazioni, degli investimenti e dei servizi finanziari? Al 4° CASSINI Hackathon, i team in competizione avranno il compito di creare prodotti e servizi per l’industria finanziaria utilizzando i dati spaziali dell’UE.


Hoe kan de financiële wereld profiteren van EU-ruimtevaartgegevens?


[PRESSWIRE] POLAND - 01.09.22  -- Kunnen observatie van de Aarde en GNSS-technologieën oplossingen bieden voor sommige huidige uitdagingen op het gebied van verzekeringen, investeringen en financiële diensten? Tijdens de 4e CASSINI Hackathon krijgen de deelnemende teams de opdracht producten en diensten te ontwikkelen voor de financiële sector met behulp van EU-ruimtevaartgegevens.


Asponte Technology partners with Dennis te Lintelo ICT to provide DX training to Europe


[PRESSWIRE] London, UK – 30 August, 2022 -- Asponte Technology and Dennis te Lintelo ICT announce a strategic partnership to provide HCL Digital Experience (DX) training to customers in Europe. This partnership brings together two leading authorities in the Digital Experience and Web Content Management industries. Both Asponte & Dennis te Lintelo have over 20 years of experience working with the Digital Experience platform from HCL, (previously IBM WebSphere Portal).




[PRESSWIRE] London, UK - 31 August, 2022 -- The cost of utilities on business and wage pressure from inflation is set to add to the previously estimated 30,000 stores set to close in 2022 and with no functioning government or plan to prevent our high streets’ rapid decline, will this be the final nail in the Government’s coffin? One group is not waiting to find out and certainly looks set to make No. 10’s life difficult. has launched a petition calling on this government and all councils to act now or face defeat at their next elections.


Meet award-winning broadcast tech innovators at IBC


[PRESSWIRE] Rennes, 30 August, 2022, b<>com *Sublima*, the award-winning HDR converter, has added a new feature, offering unique variable peak luminance profiles to provide unmatched flexibility to broadcasters and video content creators/producers. The technology provides a single HDR conversion solution for all types of video content.

Fobi Provides Checkpoint Digital Ticketing System to Support Adam Hadwin Charity Golf Tournament


[PRESSWIRE] VANCOUVER, B.C. - August 30th, 2022 -- Fobi AI Inc. (FOBI: TSXV FOBIF: OTCQB) (the “Company” or “FOBI”), a leader in providing real-time data analytics through artificial intelligence to drive customer activation and engagement, is pleased to announce that they are supporting Adam Hadwin’s Greater Vancouver Charity Invitational (GVCI) golf tournament with their Checkpoint Digital Ticketing and engagement solution.  The Tournament will be held September 1st at Morgan Creek Golf Course and the proceeds from fundraising will go to support the C.H.I.L.D.  foundation which is helping to find a cure for children with intestinal or liver disorders.