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Karsa Oy bringt Technologielösungen nach Deutschland

[PRESSWIRE] HELSINKI – 16 April, 2020 -- Karsa Oy, Entwickler und Hersteller von chemischen Bedrohungsdetektoren für Sicherheitsanwendungen, hat in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland ein neues Unternehmen, Karsa Oy (Deutschland), gegründet. Die innovative chemischen Ionisations-Massenspektrometrie-Technologie wurde ursprünglich für die Erforschung des Klimawandels entwickelt und zuerst für den Nachweis von Explosivstoffen in Luftfracht angepasst.

Karsa Oy brings technology solutions to Germany

[PRESSWIRE] HELSINKI – 16 April, 2020 -- Karsa Oy, developer and manufacturer of chemical threat detectors for security applications, has launched a new business enterprise, Karsa Oy (Deutschland),  in the Republic of Germany. Its innovative Chemical Ionization Mass Spectrometry technology was originally developed for climate change research and has been initially adapted for the detection of explosives in air cargo.  


The importance of play during Coronavirus: Balloons can boost children’s wellbeing and development

[PRESSWIRE] Brussels - 15 April, 2020 -- Children love balloons. The modest balloon is one of the only products that can change a child’s state of mind instantly. They’re colourful and always create instant smiles. Parents love balloons as they’re affordable and provide children with countless hours of entertainment.


Cloud Engineering Leader Adam Abrevaya joins HYPR as VP Engineering

[PRESSWIRE] NEW YORK, New York - 15 April, 2020 -- HYPR | The Passwordless Company™, today announced that Adam Abrevaya has joined the company as Vice President of Engineering. Abrevaya is a recognized leader in the field of software-as-a-service (SaaS) platforms and security. He brings more than three decades of experience delivering software products to market and inspiring the disciplined engineering teams that develop them.


Blockchain start-up Tatum fights COVID-19 economic consequences

[PRESSWIRE] Czech Republic - 14 April, 2020 -- Blockchain start-up Tatum launched a non-profit project, Save Your Business, in cooperation with Ceska sporitelna (a member of Erste bank) and Microsoft.


Painters District Council No. 30 to Award Two Grants to Local Community Organizations

[PRESSWIRE] US - 13 March 2020 -- Painters District Council No. 30 (PDC 30) is thrilled to announce it will once again award grants to various North-Central Illinois community organizations this summer.


ERA-EDTA launches European database

[PRESSWIRE] Parma, Italy - April 9, 2020 -- The ERA-EDTA has established a European database that collects granular data of individual dialysis patients and transplanted patients with COVID-19. The hope is to achieve insights into patient and treatment characteristics that are related to outcome and to learn about modifiable risk factors, which would help to improve prognoses.



[PRESSWIRE] Brussels - 8 April 2020 -- With the world facing the biggest public health crisis in living memory, the global video games industry is harnessing its reach, its imagination, and its unique ability to connect people whilst keeping them at home indoors, to help keep its 2.5 billion players safe from Covid-19.  And with millions of children turning to their video games for entertainment, education and to connect to their friends, ISFE has published a blog for parents to help them manage safe and healthy game play during the pandemic.


Swedish biotech to create ‘super vaccine’ for coronavirus with Karolinska Institute

[PRESSWIRE] Stockholm, Sweden - 7 April, 2020 -- Cobra Biologics and the world-renowned medical university Karolinska Institute join forces in the fight against Covid-19.


Ruby Cup Offer Free Menstrual Cups for Health Workers

[PRESSWIRE] London, UK - 06.04.20 -- Ruby Cup are offering free menstrual cups to health workers working on the front lines of the pandemic, many of whom are working long shifts with limited breaks.