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ZigmaBit: Making Crypto Mining Profitable with ZigBit Range of Rigs

[PRESSWIRE] Reading, UK - 24 December, 2019 -- Cryptocurrency mining is one of the crucial components of any conventional blockchain ecosystem.


Loro Parque Foundation saves 10 species of parrots from total extinction in the wild

[PRESSWIRE] Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain - December 23, 2019 -- This year, as part of the celebration of its 25th anniversary, Loro Parque Foundation has managed to add to its list of species saved from extinction the Grey-Breasted Parakeet (Pyrrhura griseipectus), native to Brazil.  With this success, The Foundation celebrates that it has already prevented the disappearance of 10 species of parrots thanks to its longstanding involvement with in and ex situ protection and conservation projects.


Meet Eric Arnoux : The interior designer set to conquer the world

[PRESSWIRE] France - 22 December, 2019 -- There is a lot of talk about a superstar who is changing the way we think about interior design. Everyone is talking about this star who has high society buzzing and what was the best-kept secret, is now being talked about with a lot of excitement.

Number of people in need of renal replacement therapy is rising

[PRESSWIRE] Parma - December 19, 2019 -- The 2017 Annual Report of the ERA-EDTA Registry [1] reveals that only a small fraction of patients accepted for renal replacement therapy are able to start this treatment with the best available therapy, which is transplantation, – and that the number of people who are in need of renal replacement therapy is rising. This poses a major challenge to our health systems, therefore everything should be done to fight this trend, e.g. by strengthening prevention.


VRP Consulting Achieves Salesforce Gold Consulting Partner Status

[PRESSWIRE] San Francisco - 19 December, 2019 -- VRP Consulting, a global full-service Salesforce consulting, development and outsourcing partner delivering across the entire Salesforce platform, recently announced that the company has achieved Gold Salesforce Consulting Partner Status, placing them alongside 141 other Salesforce Gold consultancies.


The world’s most secure telephone is being launched on the market

[PRESSWIRE] New York, United States - 18 December, 2019 -- There is good news for anyone needing security on their smartphone as well: the new IMpulse K1 is the world’s most secure telephone. All conversations and transactions are transmitted using a proprietary Voice Over Blockchain Protocol (VoBP), which means that no one can hack the telephone or listen in on a conversation. The IMpulse K1 is similarly as impregnable as Fort Knox in respect of safeguarding cryptocurrencies and monetary transactions. 


Sportsafe leading the way with ground-breaking accredited inspection

[PRESSWIRE] London, United Kingdom – 18 December, 2019 -- Please accept our unreserved apology for an earlier version of this press release which contained errors, and which should be removed and replaced with this version.


Loro Parque celebrates 47 years of love for nature and animals

[PRESSWIRE] Puerto de La Cruz - 17 December, 2019 -- Almost on the threshold of Christmas, Loro Parque celebrates this Tuesday, 17 December, its 47th anniversary, in a year in which it has reinforced its love and commitment to nature and animals through the fight against plastic.

Ebuyer delivers new Press and PR team in expansion plans

 [PRESSWIRE] London, United Kingdom – 17 December, 2019 -- Online tech retailer Ebuyer has announced the creation of a brand-new in-house content, press and PR team.


New book by Alan Grayson, “High Crimes: The Impeachment of Donald Trump” comes out as House votes on impeachment

[PRESSWIRE] Orlando, FL - 16 December, 2019 -- In the same week that the U.S. House of Representatives votes on impeachment, former Congressman Alan Grayson is releasing “High Crimes: The Impeachment of Donald Trump,” a new book on why and how the 45th President must be impeached, convicted, and removed from office.