Recent Business and Finance press releases

SH Group: Savior for China’s life insurance industry

[PRESSWIRE] New York, US – 12 June, 2017 -- After reforming and opening up for 20 years, the life insurance industry has gradually become the next new financial industry in China with huge upside potential, but in general China's life insurance industry is still in its infant stage of development.

SH Group: Hong Kong insurance policy increase with little change on insurance premium

[PRESSWIRE] New York, US – 12 June, 2017 -- The new statistics released by the Hong Kong Institute of Insurance Supervision show that rising health care costs have led to an increase in insurance sales.

SH Group to make major changes to its Internet Business

[PRESSWIRE] New York, US – 12 June, 2017 -- A new report from KPMG has called on the insurance industry to reinvent itself in order to survive as disruptors continue to impact the industry.

SH Group learning from UK insurers failed experience

[PRESSWIRE] New York, US – 12 June, 2017 -- There is a new study found that insurers can only answer 30% of Facebook, 25% of Twitter and 23% of e-mails queries. Yes, the data is not very good, but if we compare them with last year's numbers, the data is even worse.

Greycon Expands in ASEAN Region

[PRESSWIRE] London, England - 09 June, 2017 -- Greycon is expanding their global reach into the ASEAN region by employing more consultants local to their customers. One of the most recent additions to Greycon’s expansion is Indonesia where Greycon has appointed Mario Laksmana as the new Sales Manager for the ASEAN region.

Long-Sharp Gallery Brings Important Fresh-to-the-Market Works to Masterpiece London 2017

[PRESSWIRE] New York, US - 08 June, 2017 -- In its fifth year at the prestigious Masterpiece London Fair, Long-Sharp Gallery (Indianapolis/New York) has curated a special “Modern and Contemporary Works on Paper” exhibition which caters to both sophisticated and beginning collectors. The exhibit features important names in the modern and contemporary genres, works that are one-of-a-kind, and many works that have never before been exhibited.

SH Group tapping into “Healthy China 2020”: Open unlimited business opportunities

[PRESSWIRE] New York, US – 08 June, 2017 -- Li Bin, director of the State Health Services, stated that the grand strategy of “Healthy China 2020” is to focus on personal health, healthcare infrastructures and medical knowledge emphasizing on the peoples’ general healthcare and conditions. The implementation of "Healthy China 2020" strategy will greatly impact the economic and social development of China.


[PRESSWIRE] London, United Kingdom - 08.06.17 -- European Publishers Council’s Executive Director Angela Mills Wade said: “Today, Thursday, 8 June, MEPs voting in the European Parliament’s Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee (IMCO), took a golden opportunity to do the right thing and vote for a copyright proposal that acknowledges the role that press publishers play in our precious democracy by investing in a free and independent professional press”.

Is uncertainty the key to success?

[PRESSWIRE] London, United Kingdom -- 07 June, 2017 – The traditional view is that business abhors uncertainty. Stability allows companies to plan and grow, whereas unpredictability makes them hunker down, avoid spending - and wait. But for MACS Software in Lutterworth, the opposite seems to be the case. In fact, for some of MACS’ customers it might be that very uncertainty that helps them to expand their operation.

PSI Services LLC acquires a&dc Ltd, leaders in behavioural assessment and development

[PRESSWIRE] Oxford, UK - 6 June, 2017 -- PSI Services LLC (PSI), a global assessment provider, today announced that they have acquired Assessment & Development Consultants Ltd (a&dc), a leader in behavioural assessment and development with a multitude of products that enhance recruitment decisions and development outcomes.