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Training at your fingertips: Introducing the all new Rapiscan Systems® Learning Academy website

[PRESSWIRE] London, UK – 12 November, 2020 -- Learning Academy, the training division of Rapiscan Systems®, a leading manufacturer of security inspection equipment, has launched its new website - a fully digital and interactive resource, built with the customer front-of-mind.


Community Based Marketing (CBM) guide launched by Guild to address ‘stale and ineffective’ B2B marketing tactics

[PRESSWIRE] London, UK - 10.11.20 -- 2020 has created ‘Perfect Storm’ conditions for B2B communities to flourish, and with this in mind, Guild, a British, independent messaging platform for professional groups and networks has today published a new guide: Community Based Marketing (CBM)– the new play in B2B marketing.

elementsuite partners with Fridays to modernise HR technology

[PRESSWIRE] London, UK - Tuesday 10th November 2020 -- Elementsuite, a cutting-edge digital HR, Workforce Management and analytics software provider, is proud to announce its partnership with leading casual dining brand Fridays. Following an initial pilot, Fridays have selected the full package of elementsuite’s mobile-first products to modernise its HR technology.


Planet of finance free to use from the start of November

[PRESSWIRE] Monaco - 9 November, 2020 -- Planet of finance, the social network dedicated to wealth management professionals as well as private investors, presents its new website, which is now free and enhanced with a "Club Deal" feature.


Digiteccs unveils Digital Nation Model (D-NA) to combat security, privacy and sovereignty challenges linked to data

New policy framework for digital governance calls for fundamental re-set of data regulation across telecoms and technology industries.


How to stop worrying by unlocking the mystery of the mind

[PRESSWIRE] Sherborne, UK - 03.11.2020 -- Recently published author, Kay Johnson, reveals how people can smooth away their worries and restore their peace of mind in her new book “How Can I Stop Worrying?”


今天,10月30日,「TSUBASA+」 在包含日本本土的全球37國與地區發布了!

[PRESSWIRE] 股份公司MIRAIRE、公司位置:横濱市西區、代表董事社長:志賀雄太、以下稱MIRAIRE)在今天1030日,於包含日本、美國在內的全球37國與地區,發布了在智慧型手機上遊玩的現實世界遊戲「TSUBASA+(」。


TSUBASA+ lançado em 30 de outubro em 37 países e territórios, incluindo o Japão!

[PRESSWIRE] MIRAIRE, TOKYO-YOKOHAMA: TSUBASA+, um jogo de realidade aumentada para smartphones, foi lançado hoje, 30 de outubro, em 37 países e territórios incluindo o Japão e os Estados Unidos (TSUBASA+


TSUBASA+ esce il 30 ottobre in 37 paesi e territori, incluso il Giappone!

[PRESSWIRE] MIRAIRE, TOKYO-YOKOHAMA: TSUBASA+, gioco a realtà aumentata per smartphone, esce oggi, 30 ottobre, in 37 paesi e territori inclusi Giappone e Stati Uniti. (TSUBASA+


TSUBASA+ est sorti le 30 octobre dans 37 pays et territoires, dont le Japon !

[PRESSWIRE] MIRAIRE, TOKYO-YOKOHAMA : TSUBASA+, un jeu en réalité augmentée pour téléphones, est sorti aujourd'hui, le 30 octobre, dans 37 pays et territoires, dont le Japon et les États-Unis (TSUBASA+