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La Fintech AI Sud Africaine FinChatBot lève 1.3m€ pour se développer sur le marché Européen et en Afrique de l’Ouest

[PRESSWIRE] Paris - Lundi 18 janvier ,2021 -- FinChatBot, une Fintech Sud Africaine développant des solutions d’IA conversationnelle pour l’industrie financière, annonce une levée de 1.3m€ avec Saviu Ventures, un fonds VC français investissant en Afrique, aux côtés du fonds Mauricien Compass Venture Capital et le fonds Sud Africain Kalon Venture Partners. Ces deux derniers solidifient leur position après avoir investi lors de la levée pre-seed de FinChatBot en 2018.


AI fintech FinChatBot lands €1.3m investment to expand into Europe and West Africa

[PRESSWIRE] US - Monday, 18 January 2021 -- FinChatBot, a creator of conversational AI solutions for the financial services industry, has attracted €1.3 million from Saviu Ventures, a French investment holding company which focuses on African startups;  Mauritius-based Compass Venture Capital and leading South African venture capital firm Kalon Venture Partners. Both Compass Venture Capital and Kalon Venture Partners are solidifying their positions, having previously invested in 2018.

Anuncio respecto al documental del 90 aniversario de Abbey Road Studios en noviembre por Mary McCartney

[PRESSWIRE] US  - 14.01.21 -- Los artistas de Abbey Road Studios, Fred Astaire, Dinah Shore, The Seekers, The Beatles, Adele y Kanye West, han creado la cultura popular conocida en todo el mundo hoy en día.


2020 closes with a chocolate bang in the Dominican Republic

[PRESSWIRE] 14 January, 2021 - Dominican Republic -- The Dominican Republic held its first National Chocolate Festival in Santo Domingo from December 10th - 13th. Participants could sign up for more than twenty online and in-person activities to learn about fourteen artisan chocolate companies in the Dominican Republic.

Announcing Abbey Road Studios 90th Anniversary Documentary in November by Mary McCartney

[PRESSWIRE] US - 14 January, 2021 -- Abbey Road Studios artists Fred Astaire, Dinah Shore, The Seekers, The Beatles, Adele and Kanye West have been found creating the Popular Culture known around the world today.


Startup Advice From ANIL UZUN

[PRESSWIRE] London, UK -- ANIL UZUN gives advice to young entrepreneurs on how to grow their business.


Fides Treasury Services provide “one stop shop” for financial solutions with Multibanking Suite extensions

[PRESSWIRE] London, UK - 12 January, 2020 -- The multibank solutions provider looks to offer an open ecosystem of software products and services — accessible through a single interface.


Chilean Masks from The Copper Company eliminate COVID-19 in 5 minutes

[PRESSWIRE] Australia – 08 January, 2020 -- A study carried out at the end of October by the University of Bern, Switzerland, certified that the masks with nano copper particles patented by the Chilean science-fashion company, The Copper Company, eliminate 85% of the SARS-CoV-2 in 5 minutes and, in 2 hours, up to 95%.


Rhotex Inc. Impose a New Eco-Friendly Concept to Cryptocurrency Mining

[PRESSWIRE] Australia - 04 January, 2020 -- Rhotex Inc. is the company behind the RHO Miner series which are eco-friendly high-quality cryptocurrency miners with an in-built cooling system that delivers extremely high hash power with low energy consumption. Their partners include Equinix, Avenga, Etiya, Altiostar and many more. Headquartered in Toronto Canada, the company currently has facilities in Australia.

Experts demand more transparency for medical treatment of politicians

[PRESWIRE] Russia - 29 December, 2020 -- Lately, experts around the globe, and especially in Europe, have been actively raising regarding the right of the public to have access to medical treatment and diagnosis information regarding politicians and political cases.