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[PRESSWIRE] UNITED STATES - October 13, 2021 -- International Charity Mary’s Meals Leads The Way In Reducing Child Hunger Through Innovative School Feeding Model.

Martin Currie implements Curium to drive ESG data processes


[PRESSWIRE] LONDON, England – 12 October, 2021 -- Curium Data Systems, the data management technology company, today announced that Martin Currie Investment Management has completed the first phase of its implementation of CuriumEDM, which includes a major focus on the gathering, mastering and quality control of ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) data sets.


Fidectus announces successful launch of their Ecosystem


[PRESSWIRE] Zürich - October 12th, 2021 -- Fidectus announces its exceptionally successful launch of their partner ecosystem. More than a dozen trading, settlement and accounting system vendors have already joined.


Fidectus gibt den erfolgreichen Start ihrer Partnerplattform bekannt


[PRESSWIRE] Zürich - 12. Oktober 2021 -- Fidectus gibt den äusserst erfolgreichen Start ihrer Partner­plattform bekannt. Mehr als ein Dutzend Anbieter von Handels-, Abwicklungs- und Buch­haltungs­systemen haben sich bereits unserer Partnerplattform angeschlossen.


The Perfect Fifth Expands Distribution to Europe with Multee


[PRESSWIRE] UK - 12 October, 2021 -- US-based independent bottler The Perfect Fifth, forms a spirited partnership with Munich-based Multee GmbH to bring their range of premium, Scottish single cask whiskies to multiple European markets.

DigiShares and BRIKbc partner to make Australian real estate property available to all via Blockchain technology


[PRESSWIRE] London, UK – 11 October, 2021 -- BRIKbc, an Australian real estate property tokenization platform for quality property projects in blue chip locations, announced today it has partnered with DigiShares, an end-to-end white-label platform for tokenized securities, to make Australian property projects accessible to everyone via blockchain technology.


Two students in every UK classroom have an 'invisible' communication disability


[PRESSWIRE] London, UK - 11 October, 2021 -- Research shows that many UK children with trouble learning at school or communicating with others have an undiagnosed condition called DLD.


GF Machining Solutions showcases new EDM solutions at EMO Milano 2021


[PRESSWIRE] Biel, Switzerland - 05 October, 2021 -- At EMO Milano 2021, GF Machining Solutions highlights EDM technologies designed to help manufacturers increase productivity and accuracy. These die-sinking and wire-cutting EDM machines – along with robust solutions that target the mold and die industry – provide operating precision, superb part quality and automated options.


GF Machining Solutions shows precise, compact laser texturing at EMO Milano 2021


[PRESSWIRE] Biel, Switzerland - 05 October, 2021 -- GF Machining Solutions presents an expanded range of laser texturing solutions at EMO Milano 2021, including the LASER P 400 Femto Flexipulse U and a virtual demonstration of the LASER S 2500 U.


GF Machining Solutions showcases milling productivity and precision at EMO Milano 2021


[PRESSWIRE] Biel, Switzerland - 05 October, 2021 -- At EMO Milano 2021, GF Machining Solutions highlights two milling solutions to meet shops' needs for flexibility and robust performance. For five-axis machining with perfect workpiece roundness, superior surface quality and high material removal rates, the compact Mikron MILL P 800 U S demonstrated mill-turn capabilities with enhanced loading access. For high-precision productivity in three-axis vertical milling, the Mikron MILL P 900 – now available globally with the Heidenhain Touch Numerical Control (TNC) 640 – showed ideal capabilities for the mold and die industry.