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Fobi Appoints New Investor Relations Manager Sam Sangha


[PRESSWIRE] VANCOUVER, B.C. - June 3rd 2022 -- Fobi AI Inc. (FOBI: TSXV FOBIF: OTCQB) (the “Company” or “FOBI”), a leader in providing real-time data analytics through artificial intelligence to drive customer activation and engagement, is pleased to announce the appointment of Sam Sangha as its Investor Relations Manager, effective June 7th, 2022.



[PRESSWIRE] Brussels - 2 June 2022 -- A new report from a consumer organisation in Norway on loot boxes fails to take into account existing rules and recent guidance from the European Commission that establishes rules on the avoidance of aggressive practices and on how to ensure fairness and transparency where loot boxes are present in video games.  


GAMIVO reached 4 million registered users. The company’s future looks bright!


[PRESSWIRE] Malta - 02.06.22 -- GAMIVO has plenty of reasons to celebrate. The popular platform for gamers has just reached two important milestones: 4 million registered users and 13.6 million games sold. 

Launch Of New 8112 Universal Digital Coupon Standard, Record Inflation Rates & Record Rise In Retailer Inventories Are Expected To More Than Double The Qples By Fobi Business


[PRESSWIRE] VANCOUVER, B.C. June 1st, 2022,  Fobi AI Inc. (FOBI: TSXV FOBIF: OTCQB) (the “Company” or “FOBI”), a leading data intelligence company using artificial intelligence to help clients turn real-time data into actionable insights and personalized customer engagement is pleased to provide shareholders with a comprehensive update as to the status of the imminent 8112 Universal Digital Standard Coupons rollout and the significant business impact expectations on Qples By Fobi.


Tech billionaire launches TV ads to warn of our vulnerability to a Putin cyberattack


[PRESSWIRE] Santa Barbara, California – 27 May, 2022 -- Senate candidate and software security expert Dan O’Dowd has today delivered a stark warning of our vulnerability to a Putin cyberattack.


Tim Devine featured in virtual reality music festival at Augmented World Expo


[PRESSWIRE] US - 28.05.22 -- Music industry legend Tim Devine will visit a cutting-edge VR music festival hosted by XPR Labs at the Augmented World Expo on Thursday, bringing light to a whole new side of live music.


MobileWorxs launches the T1190 rugged tablet for field service workers


[PRESSWIRE] London, UK - 26 May, 2022 -- Providing powerful functional mobile devices for workers in the field is imperative to monitor, manage and track tasks in real-time to improve productivity and margins, boost operational efficiency and enhance customer satisfaction through a seamless experience.

RED Technologies selects 5G network core b<>com *Dome*


[PRESSWIRE] Rennes - 05/24/2022 -- RED Technologies has chosen the b<>com *Dome* 5G network core to develop its competitive private 5G offer for industrial small and medium enterprises. RED Technologies is a telecom engineering company that specializes in the development and commercialization of dynamic radio spectrum and connectivity management solutions.


Shaip wins Silver & Bronze @ Stevie Awards 2022


[PRESSWIRE] US - 03.05.22 -- Shaip Secures Silver & Bronze at The American Business & Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards for the Most Innovative Tech Startup.

Fobi Incorporates And Launches New Wholly Owned Subsidiary PulseIR


[PRESSWIRE] VANCOUVER, BC - April 29, 2022 -- Fobi AI Inc. (FOBI:TSXV) (FOBIF:OTCQB) (the "Company" or "Fobi"), a leader in providing real-time data analytics through artificial intelligence to drive customer and investor activation and engagement, announces the launch of its wholly owned subsidiary PulseIR. PulseIR will not only provide a new data driven and mobile approach to Investor Relations with Fobi’s recently launched Investor Pass product, however PulseIR will also offer and further provide a full suite of custom managed and contract services and additional product offerings. PulseIR will earn revenue from annual license fees, marketing and contract development service fees, media advertising & sponsorship and referral fees.