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Cyberwar claims first victims in Belgian Internet banking?

Recent media reports that hacking gangs had succeeded in plucking the bank accounts of Internet banking customers of at least three significant banks in Belgium have sent ripples through banking and investor circles. launches free online TV, movies, shows & video service

Today following the Future of Web Applications conference last week in London - Testcard TV ( has been made generally available following a month of trials during September.

SecPoint releases a new Web Content Filtering Proxy

The global provider of award-winning Unified Threat Management & Penetration testing network appliances, SecPoint introduces a new Web Filtering Proxy for its existing Protector that provides full control and capability of blocking more than 54 categories such as pornography, news sites, sport sites, free e-mail providers and many others.


Mobile WiFi to replicate cellular experience

London, UK, September 4, 2006 – Mobiboo, the UK’s first commercial VoIP WiFi network operator, today announced the official launch of its mobile VoIP service.

Airport security under siege

Sometimes security dangers aren’t as clandestine as you may think. In fact, one of the most serious threats to your firm’s security could be sitting next to you… in the airport departure lounge.

IE was ‘unsafe’ for 98% of 2004, Mozilla safest

Global security consultancy ScanIT shows Microsoft's Internet Explorer was "unsafe" for 98% of 2004, while rival browser Mozilla was "unsafe" for only 15%.

Careless talk costing companies and consumers

Belgian-based IT security consultancy, ScanIT ( says it was able to exploit voicemail systems in Europe and Asia using simple tools and software readily available on the Internet.


A survey conducted by the leading Belgian IT security company, ScanIT, shows many of the world's computers are "sitting targets" for hackers, despite the use of virus protection software and firewalls.


Internet users are putting their confidential information beyond the reach of hackers using a quick and free online security checker.