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Loud Market - The First Music NFT Marketplace


[PRESSWIRE] London, UK - 27 October, 2021 -- NFTs are redefining ownership of assets and creating an environment where previously illiquid assets can be traded instantly. This movement has taken over the art industry and turned visual art into a financial tool for millions of users. Many commentators believe that this technology will continue to revolutionise many other industries over the next decade. Loud Market are the first to try and apply this to the music industry. 



DigiShares and Coronet Metals partner to Tokenize US Mines for Precious Metals


[PRESSWIRE] London, UK - 25 October, 2021 -- Coronet Metals, a company engaged in the business of acquisition, exploration and development of gold and silver properties, announced today that it has partnered with DigiShares, a leading end-to-end white-label platform for tokenized securities, to do fundraise in order to acquire mining assets for extraction of precious metals Launches Zero-Emission AI Cloud with Integrated MLOps Technology Stack Optimized for NVIDIA Architectures


[PRESSWIRE] CA, US - 25 October, 2021 --, the San Francisco-based developer of cutting edge AI infrastructure, is proud to announce the launch of the AI Cloud, its first zero-emissions AI cloud integrated with a complete stack of MLOps tooling for the entire machine learning lifecycle.


ZEPCAM T3 Live Bodycam: Your Eyes in the Field


[PRESSWIRE] Holland – 21.10.21 -- ZEPCAM, as leading E.U. bodycam solution provider, is proud to launch its next generation bodycam: the ZEPCAM T3 Live Bodycam.

Commvault and COOLSPIRiT reinforce capabilities in customer-driven priority of ransomware and cybersecurity protection


Commvault and COOLSPIRiT continue their partnership to provide joint customers with industry-leading SaaS solutions and expert support and knowledge to protect and secure their data...

Martin Currie implements Curium to drive ESG data processes


[PRESSWIRE] LONDON, England – 12 October, 2021 -- Curium Data Systems, the data management technology company, today announced that Martin Currie Investment Management has completed the first phase of its implementation of CuriumEDM, which includes a major focus on the gathering, mastering and quality control of ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) data sets.


Latvijā notiks hakatons veltīts Artikas reģiona izaicinājumiem


[PRESSWIRE] Poland – 27 September, 2021 -- No 5. – 7. novembrim desmit Eiropas valstīs, to skaitā arī Latvijā, Liepājā, norisināsies otrais CASSINI hakatons. Hakatonā, izmantojot Eiropas Savienības kosmosa datus, dalībnieki risinās kritiski nozīmīgus Arktikas reģiona izaicinājumus. Reģistrācijas anketa šeit:


Čo najlepšie využitie vesmírnych údajov EÚ v arktickom regióne: Spolu s 2. CASSINI hackathonom sa ponorte do niektorých kritických úloh, ktorým čelia v Arktíde


[PRESSWIRE] Poland – 21 September, 2021 -- Druhý CASSINI hackathon naplánovaný na 5.–7. Novembra sa pripravuje na fantastickú udalosť, ktorá sa bude zaoberať veľmi dôležitou globálnou výzvou. Od prvého dňa budú mať účastníci v 10 lokalitách v celej Európe možnosť využiť údaje EÚ o vesmíre na pripojenie Arktídy.


Hyödynnä EU:n avaruusdataa arktisella alueella: Toista kertaa järjestettävä CASSINI Hackathon -tapahtuma sukeltaa arktisen alueen kriittisiin haasteisiin


[PRESSWIRE] Poland – 21 September, 2021 -- Tavoitteena on luoda uusia matkustusreittejä, suojella villieläimiä, auttaa alkuperäisiä ihmisyhteisöjä sekä säilyttää luonnon elinympäristöjä. Joukkueet saavat kolme haastetta, joilla testataan heidän luovia taitojaan viikonlopun ajan. Copernicus-ohjelman dataa ja tietoja, Galileon ja EGNOsin signaaleja ja dataa sekä suojattuja yhteyksiä käyttämällä he keksivät mullistavia ratkaisuja tulevaisuutta varten!


Development of augmented reality and holographic technologies: b<>com joins the LaSAR alliance


[PRESSWIRE] Rennes - 21 September 2021 -- b<>com is joining the LaSAR (Laser Scanning for Augmented Reality) alliance, a group of like-minded organizations sharing best practice, working to drive market growth and working to enable the efficient design and manufacture of augmented reality wearable devices including smart glasses and head-mounted displays. b<>com will, in particular, be lending its considerable expertise on holography technologies.