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James Donovan

ADEC Innovations Acquires ARISE Europe

ADEC Innovations expands its global Business Processing and Workforce Solutions into Europe and provides further depth in its technological support services including ESG Data Assured solutions…


Loro Parque celebrates the premiere of a touching animated short film about the story of the orca Morgan


The film aims at raising awareness about the serious consequences that underwater noise can produce on marine wildlife…

Athena Wisdom Institute: Consciousness Revolution at Work


[PRESSWIRE] Zurich, Switzerland - 24 June, 2021 -- As the world rapidly changes, the future continues to be molded by leaders, workers, and individuals who all aspire to live better. Although we are all trying to put in the work, we sometimes fail to address the core problem: our lack of awareness.  


The Luxury Report releases its Father’s Day gift guide


[PRESSWIRE] London, UK - 11 June, 2021 --The guide compiles a list of perfect presents to let your dad know he is truly one-of-a-kind...




[PRESSWIRE] US - 07 June, 2021 -- Despite becoming increasingly popular, diamonds made from ashes are still something of a taboo subject. As they’re rarely spoken about in the open, there are many common misconceptions about the unique gemstones. Some people don’t even know they exist. 


Lung sonography is an useful guide to lung decongestion in hemodialysis patients at high cardiovascular risk


Dangerous lung congestion or overhydration can be detected relatively easily in dialysis patients by means of ultrasound examinations and the application of this technique is useful to safely guide lung decongestion.


Mechanisms of kidney protection by gliflozins


There is now evidence of how SGLT2 inhibitors slow the progression of chronic kidney disease, regardless of diabetes status...


The ACCOLADE study on C3 glomerulopathy


The selective C5a receptor inhibitor avacopan could be used in future to treat immune-mediated inflammatory disorders in C3G renal disease.


Healthy environment, healthy kidneys! The ERA-EDTA takes the lead on climate change and health


[PRESSWIRE] Italy – 06 June, 2021 -- Climate change represents one of the greatest global health threats of our time. In choosing Healthy Environment, Healthy Kidneys as the theme for the 2021 fully virtual Congress, the ERA-EDTA highlights the central role of nephrologists and other health professionals in advocacy for global efforts to reduce emissions and protect against climate change.


Dapagliflozin provides kidney protection even in cases of FSGS kidney disease


The progressive loss of renal function in focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS) was reduced by half in the DAPA-CKD study...