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The Empress of the United States, an Anonymous Figure, Encourages Us to Buy American-Made Products


[PRESSWIRE] United States - 30 November, 2021 -- As Americans find themselves caught up in the traditional shopping season, with Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday, The Empress of the United States of America issues her Third Decree, calling on all Americans to “support the home front” and “Buy American”.


Can Yoga and Meditation Help Lift The Mental Health Pandemic? Mental Health Technologies with a Billion views on Youtube


[PRESSWIRE] London, UK - 30.11.21 -- According to the UK’s National Health Service (NHS), the total number of antidepressant prescriptions dispensed during COVID-19 pandemic (January to December 2020) were 78 million, 4 million more than in 2019.


Les responsables musulmans et juifs appellent à la protection des droits des minorités religieuses en Europe


[PRESSWIRE] London, UK – 06 November, 2021 -- Le Muslim Jewish Leadership Council (MJLC) a réuni 32 leaders religieux de 20 pays à Ljubljana cette semaine, rencontrant de hauts responsables slovènes pour débattre de la protection des droits des minorités religieuses en Europe.


Muslime und jüdische Vertreter fordern den Schutz der Rechte religiöser Minderheiten in Europa


[PRESSWIRE] London, UK – 05 November, 2021 -- Der Muslim Jewish Leadership Council (MJLC) versammelte diese Woche 32 Religionsführer aus 20 Ländern in Ljubljana, um mit hochrangigen slowenischen Beamten über den Schutz der Rechte religiöser Minderheiten in Europa zu diskutieren.


Muslims and Jewish Leaders Call for Protection of Religious Minority Rights in Europe


[PRESSWIRE] London, UK - 05 November, 2021 -- The Muslim Jewish Leadership Council (MJLC) gathered 32 religious leaders from 20 countries in Ljubljana this week, meeting with high ranking Slovene officials to discuss the protection of religious minority rights in Europe.


When COP gets it right: Cauvery Calling and the fight to save tropical rivers


[PRESSWIRE] London, UK – 01.11.21 -- COP26 (31st Oct-12th Nov) is a pivotal moment in the fight against climate change, with current emissions still way above sustainable levels. Current statistics, from over 100 countries, see a 16% increase in emissions, far from the 45% cut needed.


Study shows, inhaling active form of hydrogen "suisonia" effective for Post COVID-19 syndrome


[PRESSWIRE] Japan - 21 October, 2021 -- Post COVID-19 syndrome, a developing world-wide problem may be alleviated by Japan originated medical device "suisonia".




[PRESSWIRE] UNITED STATES - October 13, 2021 -- International Charity Mary’s Meals Leads The Way In Reducing Child Hunger Through Innovative School Feeding Model.


Two students in every UK classroom have an 'invisible' communication disability


[PRESSWIRE] London, UK - 11 October, 2021 -- Research shows that many UK children with trouble learning at school or communicating with others have an undiagnosed condition called DLD.


Technical readiness of artificial intelligence, lack of investments, and insufficient data quality slow down EU businesses in global AI race


[PRESSWIRE] Madrid, Spain - 21 September, 2021 -- A new report by EIT Urban Mobility [1] reveals businesses in the EU need better data collection and processing capabilities to reap the full benefits of artificial Intelligence (AI). 60% of experts surveyed for the report identified the lack of technical feasibility - the ability of AI solutions to competently carry out tasks - as the biggest barrier to AI solution deployment, followed by poor data availability and quality (50%).