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Good Clean Love Supports Breast Cancer Awareness - Fighting the Good Fight

Good Clean Love supports October’s Breast Cancer Awareness month by providing safe, healthy and organic intimacy products.


If you are putting together your Christmas gift guides, we have some great ideas for you!

Divorce lawyers are a girl's best friend when it comes to pets

A couple’s animals could become the next battleground in expensive divorce cases after a British court ordered a banker to pay £50,000 a year in maintenance for his ex-wife's horses.

Spreading the word on flu jabs!

West country company vows to make communication easier and cheaper for Doctor’s surgeries...

Lowest divorce rate for 26 years due to 'uncertainty'

Divorce figures for England and Wales have fallen to their lowest rate for 26 years because marriage has become such an unattractive option, a top UK divorce lawyer says...

MEDIA ADVISORY: Top lawyer explains annual UK divorce statistics

British matrimonial and family lawyer Ayesha Vardag of Strand-based Ayesha Vardag Solicitors says divorce figures may spike this year as couples react to the threat of recession.

Marie Retpen exhibits “Still Life Meltdown”

Marie Retpen is a Danish glass designer and maker graduating this summer from The Royal College of Art.

How to balance sex and the city and get hitched!

A recent survey found that 87% of wealthy professional women are looking for 'Mr Big', the successful, intelligent alpha male full of chivalry and the capacity to show a softer side behind closed doors!

Top divorce lawyer backs binding pre-nups

British matrimonial and family lawyer Ayesha Vardag is in favour of English courts applying couples' prenuptial agreements…

Manchester charity achieves milestone for children in care

Ten years ago, a small, local charity in Manchester wanted to explore whether an innovative childcare practice called concurrent planning could be successfully transplanted from America to England.