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World’s Biggest Food Manufacturers Over Reliant on Sales of Unhealthy Foods – New Analysis Reveals


[PRESSWIRE] London – 03.03.23 -- Four of the world’s biggest food manufacturers are over reliant on the sales of unhealthy food despite each claiming to be active in improving the healthfulness of their products – that’s according to NEW analysis published today by expert research group, World Action on Salt, Sugar & Health (WASSH) and supported by responsible investment NGO, ShareAction.


Big boost for industry training as FIDIC Academy announces major upgrade, appointment of global professional experts and new website


[PRESSWIRE] BRUSSELS - 14 February, 2023 -- In what is being seen as a big boost for training and development in the engineering, construction and infrastructure sector, the FIDIC Academy, the delivery vehicle for international engineering federation FIDIC’s training activities, has announced a significant upgrading of its output, the rebranding of courses, the appointment of a team of global professional advisors and the launch of a new FIDIC Academy standalone website to enable even better promotion of its courses and training to the wider industry.


Nuclear Disarmament and Non-Proliferation Training Programme In-Person Workshop Resumes in Hiroshima


[PRESSWIRE] Hiroshima, Japan – 9 February, 2023 -- UNITAR Division for Prosperity/Hiroshima Office will resume its in-person Nuclear Disarmament and Non-Proliferation (NDNP) Training Programme in Hiroshima, Japan. The UNITAR programme gives diplomats detailed insights about the protocols and procedures of disarmament and non-proliferation conferences – such as the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) Review Conference and meetings on the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons – and builds their communication and negotiation skills.


Psikosmos book leads to new physical theory of the Cosmos

André Moravec's work builds an imaginary world to explain the physical world.


Geostrategy.Rs Director General, Dragana Trifkovic: “How Europe provides aid to the Ukrainian wounded and what it gets in return”

“Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, the amount of wounded AFU soldiers has been growing. The exact losses of the Ukrainian Armed Forces are not being disclosed by Kyiv, yet the footage displayed in the media shows a huge amount of wounded coming from the frontline” says the Center director Dragana Trifkovic.


Geostrategy.Rs Director General, Dragana Trifkovic, Warns: ‘Ukrainian Refugee Crisis in Poland Has Reached a Tipping Point – Xenophobia Is on the Rise’


‘For a country of just 38 million, Poland has one of the largest refugee populations in the world and dwindling resources with which to meet the challenge. This situation is quickly becoming dire…’


BLUETTI Starts A New Year with Surprises and Special Event


[PRESSWIRE] Los Angeles – 09.01.23 -- BLUETTI, a well-known solar generator brand, kickstarts a themed promotion from January 10th to 26th, 2023, to celebrate the new year and Australia Day. Besides, it is holding an open call for “BLUETTI Heroes” among its global users to make documentaries.

Israel closes criminal investigation against Beny Steinmetz


[PRESSWIRE] Israel - 23.12.22 -- The Office of the Israeli State Attorney in Tel Aviv has decided to fully close the investigation file against Beny Steinmetz. The criminal investigation was closed permanently prior to starting any court hearings.


Santa Claus Delivers First Ever Christmas Message to the World


[PRESSWIRE] 23.12.22 -- Santa Claus has delivered his first ever global Christmas address from his Post Office in Finnish Lapland. His first official Christmas message details the festive wishes he receives in the letters that are written by many children and adults all over the world - this year’s top Christmas wishes were health, happiness and love.


Święty Mikołaj przekazuje światu pierwszy komunikat wigilijny


[PRESSWIRE] Święty Mikołaj przekazał światu swój pierwszy adres bożonarodzeniowy na poczcie w fińskiej Laponii. Jego pierwszy oficjalny komunikat wigilijny opisuje szczegółowo świąteczne życzenia, które otrzymuje w listach pisanych przez wiele dzieci i dorosłych na całym świecie - w tym roku na pierwszym miejscu wśród życzeń świątecznych znalazły się zdrowie, szczęście i miłość.