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[プレスワイヤー] スイス - 202148 -- 映画ビジネスに革命が迫っています。そのリーダーは、児童書のキャラクター“ハイジ”の復讐心に満ちたバージョンです。スイスの映画プロジェクト“マッドハイジ”は、100万スイスフランを超える記録的な額のファン投資を集め、今秋実現することになります。


G!Day1: A Decade of Casual Hits & A Social Future for Casual Gaming


[PRESSWIRE] US - 06 April, 2021 -- G!Day1, the online keynote experience for fans of Game Insight games, has just been revealed to the public. This is the annual event where the company directly reaffirms its long-term commitment to its players to expand, and improve on their favorite games for years to come. At G!Day1, the company showcased its top casual games that have been in operation for a decade or more, and unveiled future plans for those casual hits.


Kickstarter campaign announced for "Journey of Life™", educational animated series for the healthy emotional development of the child


[PRESSWIRE] New York, NY - Art State Productions, Inc. announces the launch of a crowdfunding campaign for Journey of Life™, an educational animated series approaching education through entertainment for the healthy emotional development of the child.


The Luxury Report celebrate Mother’s Day with incredible gift guide


[PRESSWIRE] UK - 03 March, 2021 -- The list includes hampers, jewellery, chocolates and beauty treatments, all promising to make yours the happiest mum ever...


Toco announces opening of new publishing division


[PRESSWIRE] Thailand – 11 February, 2021 -- Toco announces the opening of their new publishing division with the signing of a Heather Small track written by Nick Halkes and Rob Davis.

Anuncio respecto al documental del 90 aniversario de Abbey Road Studios en noviembre por Mary McCartney

[PRESSWIRE] US  - 14.01.21 -- Los artistas de Abbey Road Studios, Fred Astaire, Dinah Shore, The Seekers, The Beatles, Adele y Kanye West, han creado la cultura popular conocida en todo el mundo hoy en día.

Announcing Abbey Road Studios 90th Anniversary Documentary in November by Mary McCartney

[PRESSWIRE] US - 14 January, 2021 -- Abbey Road Studios artists Fred Astaire, Dinah Shore, The Seekers, The Beatles, Adele and Kanye West have been found creating the Popular Culture known around the world today.


Siam Park is recognised as the best water park in Europe for the ninth consecutive year

This distinction has been awarded by the leading publication and reference in the assessment of theme parks 'Kirmes & Park Revue’


The Luxury Report release their official Christmas gift guide

[PRESSWIRE] London, UK – 9 December, 2020 -- The travel and lifestyle magazine have provided their readers with a choice selection of products and charities for this festive period.


New Australian Indie Band, Catbird, Launch into The International Music Scene Aiming To Make The World A Better Place

[PRESSWIRE] Australia – 03 December, 2020 -- With the Aria Music Awards of 2020 wrapped up for another year, it is timely that a new Australian Indie band named Catbird, launch into the international music scene with the release of their debut single, Dare.