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Climate-friendly milk made with Mootral, a revolutionary product that cuts cattle greenhouse emissions, now available to British consumers


[PRESSWIRE] Rolle, Switzerland - April 14th 2021 -- Environmentally conscious latte lovers will be able to make climate-friendly coffees at home, as a revolutionary new premium milk is made available to consumers.


ANIL UZUN Talks About The Future of Financial Services

[PRESSWIRE] London, UK - 13 April, 2021 -- ANIL UZUN sharing his thoughts on the Future of Financial Services and what is awaiting the financial world in terms of AI and ML.


Fifosys acquires Birmingham-based MSP, Enforce Technology


[PRESSWIRE] Birmingham, UK - APRIL 9, 2021 – Fifosys, a global leader in managed IT services, announces the successful acquisition of Enforce Technology Ltd, a leading provider of cybersecurity, cloud solutions and managed services.


Un projet cinématographique Suisse bat les records de financement participatif


[PRESSWIRE] Suisse – 8 Avril, 2021 -- Une révolution prend forme dans le monde du cinéma et à sa tête, une version vengeresse du personnage de livre pour enfants, Heidi. Le projet cinématographique suisse MAD HEIDI a généré une montant record de plus d’un million de francs suisse via les investissements de ses fans et sera maintenant tourné cet automne.




[プレスワイヤ] スイス - 2021年4月8日 -- スイスのスイスプロイテーションフィルム(Swissploitation Films)社は、ブロックチェーンで保護されたプラットフォームを介して、投資家が映画の収益に直接参加できる画期的なクラウドインベストメントモデルで注目を集めました。

CEO of GLOW Weight Loss Systems, Inc. joins Jeff Bezos Effort to Encourage Healthy Lifestyles and facilitate access to Covid-19 Vaccination


[PRESSWIRE] OH, United States - 06 April, 2021 -- “It’s time to get a clear message out about how to find COVID-19 vaccination sites. My goal is to get life-saving information into people’s hands immediately.” – Pabst, CEO GLOW WLS.


ANIL UZUN Talks About Blockchain After COVID-19


[PRESSWIRE] UK - ANIL UZUN sharing his thoughts on the effect of COVID-19 on the blockchain industry and cryptocurrencies.


The European releases its Spring 2021 edition

[PRESSWIRE] UK - 29 March, 2021 -- The first edition of the year provides an engaging insight into a number of sectors and locations, touching on subjects such as cyber security and fintech

ANIL UZUN Gives Advice to Tech Founders


[PRESSWIRE] London, UK - 23 March, 2021 -- ANIL UZUN giving advice to startups and talks about the mistakes he has committed in his early days as a founder in tech and finance.


Moxie Micromobility signs an Agreement with renowned Emuze for exclusive distribution of electric vehicles in America and Europe


[PRESSWIRE] THE NETHERLANDS - Mar 11, 2021 -- Moxie Micromobility, a company that develops, produces and distributes premium personal electric vehicles, announced today its exclusive distribution agreement for all the vehicles designed by Emuze, a privately held Israeli company with experience in Design, Research and Development of electric vehicles.