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Energiekooperationen in Industrieparks fördern: S-PARCS’ Policy Briefs zu Barrieren für Energiekooperation und wie man sie am besten meistern kann


[PRESSWIRE] London, UK – 04 May, 2021 -- Im Rahmen des H2020-Projekts S-PARCS wurden Policy Briefs veröffentlicht, die Möglichkeiten beschreiben, wie Änderungen an bestehenden rechtlichen und regulatorischen Rahmenbedingungen dabei helfen können, Energiekooperationen in Industrieparks zu beschleunigen und zu erleichtern.


How policymakers can foster energy cooperation in industrial parks: S-PARCS briefs on overcoming barriers


[PRESSWIRE] London, UK – 04 May, 2021 -- New policy briefs have been published in the framework of the H2020 S-PARCS project, to assist in the creation of legal and regulatory frameworks that accelerate and facilitate energy cooperation in industrial parks, thus maximizing energy savings and guaranteeing the competitiveness of companies located in these parks.


The European interviews Andres Lutz and Simon Kaufmann of Fides


[PRESSWIRE] London, UK - 29 April, 2021 -- For the sixth video in the remote interview series, The European interviewed Andreas Lutz, CEO and Simon Kaufmann Chief Revenue Officer for Fides.


Model N and Global Pricing Innovations Announce Strategic Partnership


[PRESSWIRE] London, UK - April 28, 2021 -- Model N, Inc. (NYSE: MODN), the leader in cloud revenue management solutions, today announced a strategic life sciences industry partnership with Global Pricing Innovations (GPI), a market leader in analytics, insights and innovative solutions that help life sciences companies achieve day-to-day operational improvement and market access excellence.


ANIL UZUN Will Talk about The Next FinTech Hubs on Clubhouse


[PRESSWIRE] ANIL UZUN will be talking in the Fintech Room about “The Next Fintech Hubs” on Clubhouse. The talk will be live on Thursday, May 6 at 07:00 pm.


Bank Mandiri is delighted to announce its strategic partnership with ElysianNxt for the automation of their regulatory Credit Risk reporting requirements


[PRESSWIRE] London, UK - 27 April, 2021 -- In 2018, Bank Mandiri and ElysianNxt embarked on a project which started with the Expected Credit Loss (ECL) requirements under the IFRS 9 (PSAK71) framework.


The European introduces new subscription service


[PRESSWIRE] London, UK - 22 April, 2021 -- Subscribers to the global magazine will receive quarterly editions as well as exclusive supplements ...


The European interviews Cees Vermaas of The International Stock Exchange


[PRESSWIRE] London, UK - 20 April, 2021 -- For the fifth video in the remote interview series, The European interviewed Cees Vermaas, Chief Executive Officer of The International Stock Exchange (TISE).




[PRESSWIRE] Athens, Greece - April 19, 2021 -- Matrix Pack, the global leader in cutting edge eco-friendly food packaging is announcing that, effective immediately, orders can be placed for its industry-first Bio Paper Plus Color Drinking Straws.

World’s first carbon credits generated from cattle burps represent immediately scalable solution to agricultural emissions


[PRESSWIRE] Rolle, Switzerland - April 14th 2021 -- Cows are creating the world’s first cattle-generated carbon credits thanks to Mootral’s breakthrough natural feed supplement, Mootral Ruminant. The cattle feed supplement is proven to cut the amount of methane they release by up to 38%, while increasing yield naturally and enabling production of climate-friendly milk and beef.