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[PRESSWIRE] London, United Kingdom - 30 April, 2018 -- After months of contractual turbulence and cuts to funding, a new purpose-built shelter for victims of domestic violence, located near Tel-Aviv in Israel, opens its doors to women and children.


[PRESSWIRE] London, United Kingdom - 17 January, 2018 -- ​The 21st January this year (2018) marks the 99th Anniversary of the establishment by the Irish Republican Brotherhood, of the Sovereign Republic of Éire and its’ legitimate Sovereign Dáil Éireann Government and Sovereign Dáil Éireann Courts (4 Courts), democratically elected by the will and wish of the people in the 1918 32 County election. It is, importantly, Ireland’s Independence Day.

Seyran Ates: "Iranian Mullahs and Government are the Real Terrorists"

 [PRESSWIRE] VIENNA, January 9, 2018 -- The Berlin lawyer and Islamic women's rights activist Seyran Ates is standing in solidarity with demonstrators in Iran in a message of greeting for the new year.

World Religion News: Does Turkey Oppress Religious Minorities?

 [PRESSWIRE] SANTA MONICA, California, December 22, 2017 -- Grégory Mathieu of World Religion News in his new article brings up the subject of the relationship between the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate in Istanbul and its Turkish hosts, the history of their interaction, its current state and the prospects of this arrangement's sustainability in the future.

A handshake with the Pope seals Carly Paoli’s Year of Mercy

[PRESSWIRE] Vatican City - 02 January, 2017 -- 2016 has been a year that Carly Paoli will never forget. She has had four singles released and her Christmas single benefitted a charity that helps children with life threatening illnesses. Chang Beer UK and Everton supported this venture by rewarding purchasers with football merchandise.

Compco Industries of Ohio Ensures Fallen Officers Never Forgotten

[PRESSWIRE] COLUMBIANA, Ohio - 10 May, 2016 -- Every spring, Ryan Keller has the solemn privilege of mourning hundreds of people he has never met. That’s because every year, far too many law enforcement officers are killed in the line of duty.

Columbia Pacific Advisors and the Archdiocese of Seattle Join Forces on Seattle Senior Care Development

[PRESSWIRE] SEATTLE - 10 March, 2016 -- Columbia Pacific Advisors is entering into a long-term ground lease with the Archdiocese of Seattle and St. James Cathedral to build a 237-unit, 24-story senior housing community in Seattle’s First Hill neighborhood.

Launch of “Filling the Empty Quarter” Environmental Initiative

[PRESSWIRE] Dubai, UAE - 02 September, 2015 -- An environmentalist from the UAE is proposing to fill the Empty Quarter desert,which has been empty for thousands of years, “with greenery and environmentally friendly projects”. 

تطبيق "رمضان فون" يتصدّر قائمة التّطبيقات في متجر غوغل بلاي

[PRESSWIRE] دبي، الإمارات العربية المتحدة؛ 05 يوليو 2014 – إنّ تطبيق رمضان فون 2014 الخاص بالأجهزة التي تعمل بنظام أندرويد هو حاليًا الأكثر تحميلًا على متجر غوغل بلاي ضمن فئة "رمضان"، علمًا أنّه قد تصدّر القائمة بعد أيام قليلة على إطلاقه، بحسب ما أعلنه مطوّرو التّطبيق اليوم.  

Ramadan Phone app zooms to top of Google Play Store

[PRESSWIRE] Dubai, United Arab Emirates; 05.07.14 –Carib Publishing’s RAMADAN PHONE 2014 has been the most downloaded Android app on Google’s Playstore of 2014 in the Ramadan category, a few days since it was launched, developers announced today.