Video Confirms Marlene Galan Woods Backed Jan Brewer Despite Past Claims

“She said she never backed Jan Brewer. Here she is literally behind Brewer’s back…”

A video — originally filmed by the Wall Street Journal — shows Marlene Galan Woods standing proudly behind Governor Jan Brewer on election night 2010 amidst the Tea Party wave. Ms. Woods — who just recently posed for photos with Nancy Pelosi — can be seen cheering, clapping, and laughing as Governor Brewer insults the first female Speaker of the House before a crowd of people waving “FIRE PELOSI” signs.

Yesterday, Brewer’s legacy crept back into the public psyche with the passage of HCR2060, a measure many compare to the infamous SB1070, a racist law that Governor Jan Brewer signed. Ms. Woods’ past affiliation with Governor Brewer and the Republican Party was brought up on the debate stage last month when Conor O’Callaghan called Woods out:

“Ms. Woods has been on the political scene here in Arizona for decades. When Planned Parenthood was under attack in the court system here in the ’90s, where was Ms. Woods speaking out against that? She supported Jan Brewer this millennium. She gave money to Jan Brewer. Jan Brewer, who in addition to passing SB1070, in addition to being anti-union, signed one of the most Draconian abortion laws in the country…”

Marlene Woods responded to O’Callaghan by insinuating that he was a liar, “People like Mr. O’Callaghan are willing to lie, are willing to misrepresent the truth.” But the only person misrepresenting the truth was Ms. Woods.

She claimed she didn’t remember donating to Brewer. In a post-debate interview, she doubled down with Dennis Welch of AZFamily saying “I never backed [Jan Brewer]” only to be contradicted moments later by her donation history.

“Marlene lied to voters,” said Conor O’Callaghan, “She said she never backed Jan Brewer. Well, here she is literally behind Brewer’s back clapping joyfully for the woman who would work to pass draconian anti-abortion laws, upend child health care, destroy unions, and pass SB1070. We cannot elect another Kyrsten Sinema to this seat. We can’t get fooled again.”

“I find it disturbing that Marlene Woods is cozying up to Speaker Pelosi after cheering for her defeat. We don’t need any more Democrats that show up for progressives only when it suits them.” said Congresswoman Val Hoyle of Oregon.