Verifee Announces Strategic Partnership with Terri Ross Consulting to Help Aesthetic Industry Practices Reduce Credit Card Processing Expenses

With more than 20 years of payment industry experience, Verifee’s innovative approach helps medical aesthetic companies save thousands of dollars per year on credit card processing-related expenses through the use of machine learning. By redefining how payment processing services are analyzed and optimized, Verifee offers a monthly monitoring service that maintains transparency and accountability without impacting existing vendors, hardware, or Electronic Health Record (EHR)/practice software–resulting in significant savings with minimal effort.

“Our solution is the simplest, most impactful cost reduction any company can implement without changing how they currently operate,” said Jeremy Lessaris, Founder & CEO of Verifee by Payment Brokers. “Terri Ross Consulting is an advocate for her clients and is committed to helping aesthetic practices not only grow but reduce expenses and also maintain profitability.We are excited to partner with an organization that shares our commitment to helping businesses thrive. Together, we can bring meaningful cost reductions to the aesthetic industry, ensuring these businesses can operate more efficiently and profitably.”

Terri Ross, Founder and CEO of Terri Ross Consulting and the Co-Founder of the 4S Summit Is equally as enthusiastic about the partnership: “The aesthetic industry is filled with passionate professionals who work tirelessly to provide a high level of patient care and results and to achieve success. By partnering with Verifee, we can provide our clients with a powerful tool to reduce unnecessary expenses, allowing them to reinvest those savings into their practice growth and development. This partnership aligns perfectly with our mission and enables our clients to save extraordinary amounts of money without changing anything”

About Verifee

Verifee is a cost reduction platform that leverages AI machine learning to identify cost reduction opportunities for credit card processing fees. Their innovative approach helps companies save thousands of dollars per year without changing existing vendors, hardware, or software. For more information, visit

About Terri Ross Consulting

Terri Ross Consulting is an internationally renowned, aesthetic industry practice management consulting firm that helps practices achieve their growth objectives through a proven system of sales training as well as actionable strategies and insights into financial efficiencies. Terri Ross Consulting offers one-on-one strategic coaching and exclusive sales training to help medical aesthetic practices grow, scale, and be prepared to sell. For more information, visit