Alex Garcia has taken to protest with advertisements of Billboards across the state.

He knows it could cause him a wave of backlash against him and his company, but Garcia says: “We have to stand up for our country. I fear there will be civil unrest over the coming months and I am prepared to take the risk of protesting to protect our constitution”

The Jury verdict against former President Trump marks a significant shift in the American criminal justice system, reflecting a troubling politicisation of the courts that threatens to fundamentally alter the nation for the worse. This decision places the United States on par with some of the most dishonest and corrupt regimes globally, eroding what was once the gold standard for justice and civil rights, making it indistinguishable from countries like Russia or Venezuela.

Garcia says “The American system relies on the integrity of those who wield its powers. Unfortunately, the Democratic Party appears to have prioritised their pursuits of power above all else. As they falsely accuse President Trump of potential destruction, one is reminded of the most infamous propagandists who advised accusing opponents of the very evils one commits. The reality is that those opposing President Trump seem willing to dismantle the Constitution, undermine the court system, and unravel the fabric of the nation in their quest for power. The damage inflicted by these actions may be irreparable”.

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