Gulf Biotech Qatar and Gates Foundation Discuss Strategic Collaboration

Meeting Highlights:

During their discussions, Mr. AlHitmi and Mr. Rashid deliberated on the initiative of producing Uniprotein from Natural Gas that aligns with their mutual commitment to securing global sustainable alternative for animal feed proteins.

Statements from the Representatives:

Mr. Hitmi AlHitmi expressed his enthusiasm about the potential collaboration, stating, “Our meeting today marks the beginning of a potential partnership. By working together with the Gates Foundation, we can pool our resources and expertise to make significant strides in food security and biotechnology, benefiting populations globally.”

Dr. Donald Nkrumah echoed this sentiment, saying, “The Gates Foundation is dedicated to improving health and reducing poverty worldwide. Partnering with Gulf Biotech offers an exciting opportunity to leverage their innovative capabilities in providing proven sustainable alternatives to address some of the most pressing animal feed challenges faced by underserved communities, especially, with the current global crisis, deforestation, scarcity of food and water resources.

We believe that using innovative technologies to face these challenges is the way forward and we are eager to supports such initiatives which meets the goal of the foundation in confronting hunger and the scarcity in natural resources.”

Looking Ahead:

The meeting concluded with both parties committing to further discussions and the establishment of a joint task force to outline specific projects and timelines. This strategic collaboration is expected to play a pivotal role in advancing global food security initiatives, with both Gulf Biotech and the Gates Foundation bringing their unique strengths to the table.

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