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About the Tech:

*Tag: A new weapon against video fraud

*Tag*is a stand-alone invisible digital watermarking solution enables audiovisual creators to track and verify the integrity of their content and counter disinformation and deepfakes.

Integrated throughout the audiovisual chain from production to distribution, with no metadata or connection to the cloud required, users can combat piracy for both live and VOD content.  

Given the increasing threat of deepfakes and digitally altered videos, *Tag*technology can certify that content has not been modified and is authentic. 

Validated by Sony Pictures & apos and Cartesian benchmark designed by Hollywood Studios, the technology has already been adopted by Viaccess-Orca to combat piracy and secure content monetisation.

 This digital watermarking technology will be of particular interest to camera manufacturers, video editing software publishers, and transcoder developers.

 b<>com is a member of the C2PA alliance, the “Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity”.
*Sublima: A new and unique AI feature for our award-winning HDR converter – HDR anytime from camera to cloud

 b<>com is delighted to present the latest development to *Sublima*  – an already award-winning HDR converter, recognized by the market, commercialized, and integrated into the video processing equipment of numerous international partners such as EVS, Apantac, and Harmonic.  

 The *Sublima* IP Core returns to IBC with a new frugal AI-based implementation using the NPU of a Synaptics SoC chip, enabling it to diversify its use on next-generation Set-Top-Boxes.

*Sublima* can be used at any stage of the workflow from production to distribution, in local video processing equipment or cloud infrastructures, as well as in set-top boxes or smart TVs.

In addition to being available on FPGA, CPU, and GPU on components from Altera, Intel, and AMD, a Synaptics SoC chip, enabling it to diversify its use on next-generation Set-Top-Boxes.

 The demo will showcase energy frugality and cost optimization and a new user experience that boosts brightness and colors on HD infrastructures without overconsumption.
visuals available on request
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About b<>com

 b<>com explores, designs and delivers tomorrow’s digital technologies to accelerate transitions.

Drawing on its team of industrialists and academics, the Institute of Research and Technology develops R&D projects to enhance the competitiveness of businesses. It promotes augmented intelligence and energy efficiency to improve industrial processes.

The goal is to provide innovative solutions to market needs and meet the challenges of decarbonization and digital trust.

Its technologies are developed for critical infrastructure, defense, agri/agro, security, healthcare, Industry 5.0 as well as cultural and creative industries. Its experts develop innovative, secure digital technologies (cloud, cybersecurity, AI) that serve signal, content and network processing (connectivity, video & sound, digital twins, human factors). LinkedIn