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Women Leaders' Training in Disaster Risk Reduction To Be Held in Samoa


[PRESSWIRE] Hiroshima, Japan - 3 March 2023 -- Eighteen participants from nine countries will participate in the second phase of UNITAR Hiroshima Women’s Leadership in Tsunami-based Disaster Risk Reduction Training Programme for World Tsunami Awareness Day. The training will be held in person in Samoa from 7 – 11 March 2023. This is the first time UNITAR Division for Prosperity will hold workshops in Samoa and is also the first time in two years that the DRR Programme will have in-person learning.


W3S group –Bitcoin ‘Ordinals’ the next big crypto fad


[PRESSWIRE] London, UK - 03.03.23 -- The world of cryptocurrency is evolving rapidly, and one of the latest innovations to emerge from software engineer; Casey Rodarmor, are Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) called Ordinals on the Bitcoin network. While Bitcoin was initially designed as a digital currency, its underlying blockchain technology has proven to be versatile and has opened up a world of possibilities beyond finance.

Fabricantes de comida más importantes del mundo demasiado dependientes en comida no saludable - Revela nuevo análisis


[PRESSWIRE] Londres – 03.03.23 – Cuatro de los fabricantes de comida más importantes del mundo dependen demasiado en comida no saludable a pesar de que afirman estar trabajando en mejorar los valores de sus productos – Esto se basa en un nuevo análisis publicado hoy por un grupo experto de investigación en estos temas, World Action on Salt, Sugar & Health (WASSH) y apoyado por la ONG de inversión responsable, ShareAction. 

Une nouvelle analyse révèle que les plus grands fabricants d'aliments au monde dépendent excessivement des ventes d'aliments malsains


[PRESSWIRE] Londres - Le 03.03.23 -- Selon une NOUVELLE analyse publiée aujourd'hui par le groupe de recherche d'experts World Action on Salt, Sugar & Health (WASSH) et soutenue par l'ONG d'investissement responsable ShareAction, quatre des plus grands fabricants d'aliments au monde sont trop dépendants des ventes d'aliments malsains, malgré qu’ils prétendent améliorer les qualités nutritionnelles de leurs aliments.

World’s Biggest Food Manufacturers Over Reliant on Sales of Unhealthy Foods – New Analysis Reveals


[PRESSWIRE] London – 03.03.23 -- Four of the world’s biggest food manufacturers are over reliant on the sales of unhealthy food despite each claiming to be active in improving the healthfulness of their products – that’s according to NEW analysis published today by expert research group, World Action on Salt, Sugar & Health (WASSH) and supported by responsible investment NGO, ShareAction.

DigiShares announces the launch of its own Security Token Offering - available to non-US investors and US accredited investors


[PRESSWIRE] Denmark – 02.03.23 -- DigiShares is kicking off its Series A capital raise today. The raise is taking the form of a Security Token Offering (STO). The tokens will be minted on the Ethereum chain. Investors will be able to purchase ERC-1404 security tokens representing ownership in DigiShares’ Delaware Corporation.

Symphony Technology Group announces the launch of Quor Group.


[PRESSWIRE] London, March 1 2023 – Symphony Technology Group (“STG”), a leading Menlo Park-based private equity firm focused on the software, data, and analytics sectors, today announced the launch of Quor Group. The new portfolio company was created to serve the commodity financial and physical trading ecosystem. Quor’s products are built to satisfy commodity traders' and trading companies' requirements with advanced trading and commodity management solutions.


TerraMaster kündigt das Betriebssystem TOS 5.1 an


[PRESSWIRE] China - 01.03.23 --  Mit verbesserter Leistung und höherer Sicherheit: TerraMaster, eine professionelle Marke, die sich auf die Bereitstellung innovativer Speicherprodukte für Privathaushalte, Geschäfte und Unternehmen spezialisiert hat, kündigt das Betriebssystem TOS 5.1 mit neuen Funktionen und verbesserter Leistung an, darunter ein aktualisierter Kernel, 4K-Hardware-Decodierung, eine Speicherpoolerweiterung über USB, Hyper-Cache, kategorisierte Benachrichtigungen, USB-Speicherverwaltung, ein optimierter Docker-Manager, bessere KI-Rechenleistung für Terra Photos und vieles mehr.



[PRESSWIRE] Vancouver, British Columbia – February 27th, 2023 – Terra Balcanica Resources Corp. (“Terra” or the “Company”) (CSE:TERA; FRA:UB1) is pleased to announce further, high-grade drill results including step-out drillholes at Cumavici Ridge and a new discovery at the Josheva target extending mineralization at the Cumavici Corridor over 2.3 km to the southeast within its flagship, 216 km2 Viogor-Zanik project in Bosnia and Herzegovina.