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[PRESSWIRE] Kent, U.K. (22 June, 2021) – The Sentry Devices Ltd is excited to announce the U.K. launch of its new personal safety mobile application. The Sentry App allows you to set up your smartphone as a personal attack alarm that can be triggered to attract attention at just a press of a button. It features a 76dB ear-piercing alarm and a blinding strobe. The Sentry App is available now for download on iOS and Android platforms and is a fully functioning alarm for free with an optional paid for element.


Created with a no barrier to use philosophy The Sentry App is ready to use in three simple steps, no login, account creation or information input at all. Download the App, choose your alarm sound & light from the menu and turn the Panic Button on to activate the alarm. Your Panic Button appears on the home screen of the App. If you feel threatened, pressing and holding the on screen Panic Button for 2 seconds triggers the alarm.


Once triggered, the piercing 76dB alarm and blinding strobe will both scare any attacker and quickly draw other people’s attention to your need for help. The alarm can only be turned off using your usual method of unlocking your phone, facial recognition or thumb print or PIN. These features are included in the free version of the app so that users can start to feel protected right away.


With the optional paid for element of the App you decide on a contact to be your support network. At the moment your alarm is triggered an SMS with your name and a Google Maps location pin is sent to your support network, who can then come to your aid. This element of the App is £1.99 per month for up to 5 SMS alerts, or £4.99 per month for an unlimited number of SMS alerts. The Sentry App is built to work on iOS 9 onwards and Android 6 onwards.


The company was founded by Stuart Evans in 2019 to develop a solution to ever rising smartphone theft and began by developing an anti-theft product for smartphones driven by The Sentry App. Stuart realised that by reworking core elements of his App he could also bring a free, stand-alone personal protection device to smartphone users worldwide, offering protection against thieves and attackers.


As Stuart explains “Everybody has the right to go safely and feel protected every day, this is something I feel very strongly about. The Sentry App is designed to reduce your vulnerability by increasing your chances of someone seeing you and intervening if something were to happen to you. To use The Sentry App is affordable or even free, and very easy to use. If I can help increase the confidence of anyone that feels unsafe or vulnerable by them using our App then it’s a great result”.


The Sentry Devices Ltd is a UK based security development company focused on providing electronic and physical security solutions for people and their property.


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