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For those who are running a PR agency or managing a communications department, Presswire has something special to offer. We introduce the most comprehensive, ever-increasing media contacts database comprising thousands of influencers, among which are world-renowned journalists, editors, publishers and reporters. Our system is designed to open the door of editorial opportunity to you, regardless of the business area you are involved in. It aims to help you maximise media exposure and develop long-standing relationships with individuals capable of influencing beliefs and opinions held by others.  

Media contactsWe have been expanding the Presswire international media database for more than 15 years so that it is currently made up of 850,000 big-name professionals from all over the world. And this number increases with each passing day. Our system is regularly updated enabling you to learn more about various media outlets and providing you with an excellent list of media contacts. With the database created by Presswire, you will be able to reach influencers who have everything it takes to cover your industry professionally.

Benefits of Presswire media database services

We are here to provide you with the industry-leading PR tool. It will help you establish relationships with journalists, identify particular media channels, pitch your story and create a buzz around it. By taking advantage of our media database services, you will get access to the most powerful marketing weapon available today. Here is why:  

  • Over 850,000 contacts worldwide. The Presswire database is trusted by hundreds of PR agencies owing to its ever-increasing list of media contacts and editorial opportunities. Our tool provides you with the unlimited access to contact details you need to get international coverage of your industry.
  • Effective media monitoring and retrieval service. By analysing up to 30,000 media channels of various types, Presswire enables you to retrieve articles for the past 25 years using keywords and alerts. Our database deals with newspapers, magazines and online media in all languages.
  • Regular updates. Being one of the largest international media databases, our system is known for its weekly updates. All Presswire’s contact details are checked for availability as often as 20,000 times per week. Thus, you can be sure to make your own press distribution list of available media influencers.
  • Improved search functionality. Take advantage of our easy-to-use tool to reach the best outlet for your case. With Presswire, you can search by location, media type, business area, influencer and freelancer. What is more, you will get access to a job position, email, Twitter handle and phone number of the person you are looking for.

Build your own media contact list with us

Whether you want to create a comprehensive distribution list, identify a media outlet or pitch your story, Presswire provides you with the all-in-one solution for all your needs. Once you subscribe to our database, you will be able to make use of PR opportunities you’ve never had before.   We offer reasonable prices and substantial discounts for annual packages. Contact Presswire to get your quote and reach your target audience with ease!




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