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Magirus Delivers World's Highest Turntable Ladder to Asia

 [PRESSWIRE] ULM, Germany, January 18, 2018 -- The Seoul City Fire Department is the first fire department in Asia to acquire the world's highest turntable ladder. The new M68L officially entered service after the formal key handover in South Korea's capital. It will enable new opportunities and more safety for rescues at even greater heights.


Miller Oils Ltd announces the acquisition of Fuel Additive Science Technologies Ltd (FAST)

London, UK (18 January 2018) Millers Oils Ltd, the independent blender and supplier of advanced oils, lubricants and fuel treatments to the automotive (including motorsport and classic), industrial and commercial vehicle sectors, is pleased to announce that the company has acquired 100% of the share capital in Fuel Additive Science Technologies Ltd (FAST).

AirFuel, the Global Leader in Next-Generation Wireless Power, Appoints New Alliance President - Dr. Sanjay Gupta

 [PRESSWIRE] PORTLAND, Oregon, Jan. 17, 2018  -- With more consumers and businesses introduced to wireless power over the past year, the benefits – and the limitations – of first-generation wireless charging solutions are becoming increasingly clear to audiences globally.

Wicked Cool Toys Debuts Inaugural Pokémon Line At Global Toy Fairs

 [PRESSWIRE] BRISTOL, Pa., Jan. 17, 2018 -- Wicked Cool Toys will unveil its new Pokémon product line at the 2018 International Toy Fairs in London, Nuremberg and New York.

New Travel App - Uplift - Ends Jet Lag Naturally

 [PRESSWIRE] CAMBRIDGE, Massachusetts, Jan. 17, 2018 -- Uplift Ventures LLC announces the release of Uplift, a mobile application that provides a custom solution to reset your internal body clock to your new time zone. Uplift eliminates jet lag and reduces your transition time to your new times zone with a natural scientific solution. Uplift enhances your most valuable commodity when you travel, your time.

Global report reveals top challenges & opportunities for Utility providers

[PRESSWIRE] London, United Kingdom - 17 January, 2018 -- ‘The Engagement of Opportunity for Utilities’ report by HomeServe surveyed 20,000 Utility customers across 20 countries to better understand concerns, behaviours and needs. The report has revealed the challenges and opportunities facing Utilities to differentiate their product offer, improve engagement and become more relevant within customers’ homes


[PRESSWIRE] London, United Kingdom - 17 January, 2018 -- ​The 21st January this year (2018) marks the 99th Anniversary of the establishment by the Irish Republican Brotherhood, of the Sovereign Republic of Éire and its’ legitimate Sovereign Dáil Éireann Government and Sovereign Dáil Éireann Courts (4 Courts), democratically elected by the will and wish of the people in the 1918 32 County election. It is, importantly, Ireland’s Independence Day.

Edanz announces partnership between Author Path and Aries Systems Editorial Manager

 [PRESSWIRE] FUKUOKA, Japan, Jan. 16, 2018 -- Edanz announced today that it is partnering with Aries Systems in adopting the Editorial Manager Ingest Service for its Author Path product (

USALWS Turns Applicants' Wish to Live and Work in the USA into Reality

 [PRESSWIRE] NEW YORK, January 16, 2018 -- Filling in applications for the green card lottery, which is also known as diversity visa lottery, is daunting.

Sphera Releases New Operational Risk Applications for SpheraCloud

 [PRESSWIRE] CHICAGO, Jan. 16, 2018 -- Sphera, the largest global provider of Integrated Risk Management software and information services with a focus on Operational Risk, Environmental Health & Safety (EHS), and Product Stewardship, today announced the release of a series of new Health & Safety applications for its SpheraCloud™ software platform.