Presswire Limited

Presswire is a trusted name in Public Relations services, founded in 2001 and registered in the United Kingdom to serve private and public sector clients, worldwide.

Our global client base includes the Financial, Legal, Technology, Media and Marketing sectors, as well as Educational Institutions and Government.

Presswire's PR Suite and Media Services offer the Public Relations and Communications industry a market-leading solution to Press Release Distribution, Media Contacts Sourcing and Management, and Media Monitoring.

Our constantly-updated Media Contacts Database comprises around 850,000 global media contacts, with some of the most competitive pricing in the market.

Our Press Release Distribution offers Tracking Reports, showing you who read your press releases, allowing you to measure analytics and follow-up with your key recipients.

Presswire Media Monitoring services provide you with the Print and Online media coverage results your campaigns produce, in all languages - as they happen, or going back up to 25 years.


Delivery Policy

The Method of Delivery for Press Releases is plain text, xml or html and the Average Timeframe for Delivery of a Press Release is within an hour of successful receipt of that Press Release by the Presswire team, unless it carries an embargo.

Cancellation, Return and Refund Policy

A Press Release Distribution request can be cancelled by the same customers who placed the order within 30 minutes of successful receipt of that Press Release by the Presswire team, via a request by telephone to the phone number provided in Customer Services, as below.

In most circumstances, it is not possible to make changes to a press release after you have submitted it to us for distribution and we have distributed it, other than to alter or remove it from websites we have direct ownership or control over.

If you would like to have a press release completely removed from our websites, please advise us of this via the Customer Service Contact provided below.

The timeframe for raising a claim for a refund is within 24 hours of purchase, and each case will be judged by the Presswire team on its merits, however, if a Press Release has been sucessfully processed by the team and distributed in accordance with the instructions of the client, no refund will be due.

In some cases where the Press Release has not been distributed with 24 hours of successful receipt by the Presswire team, and there was no embargo on that press release, Presswire will consider an application from a customer who requests a refund.

Privacy Policy

Presswire collects, uses, stores and processes customer information and financial details and customer's credit card details from time-to-time, but does not retain credit card information digitally or by hardcopy after a transaction is completed. Presswire complies with Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards and destroys any record of credit card information, if taken by Presswire staff, as soon as is practicable.

Presswire Customer Service Contact

In the event you have a query regarding Presswire Customer Service, please use the following contacts:

Tel: +44 (0) 207 754 0050
Fax: +44 (0) 871 433 0534
Email: info@presswire.com 
Write: Presswire, 1 St Peter Street, London, UK. SW17 7UH