Hit Mobile Strategy App The Battle Cats Reaches 7th Anniversary Since Release!

PONOS Corporation


[PRESSWIRE] Japan – 20 September, 2021 -- PONOS Corporation’s flagship tower defense app The Battle Cats celebrates seven years of continuous service with special events starting September 17th (11:00am) and going through October 15th, 2021 (10:59am), with limited stages, campaign-exclusive heroes, and generous bonus rewards offered as thanks to loyal players everywhere.


Between September 17th (11:00am) and 30th (11:59pm), Battle Cats players can get lucky at the Wildcat Slots, a special feature only appearing for this anniversary event! During this first half of the campaign, all users get a chance to spin for free and earn rewards of 777 Cat Food or more!


Those bonus Cat Food gifts can be used for limited time Rare Capsule events like NEO Best of the Best, available Sept. 23rd (11:00am) through Sept. 27th (10:59am)! Make a draw for this special set for a chance to collect mighty Uber Rare Cats like Li’l Valkyrie Dark, not available outside of this event.


More top-class heroes can be collected by completing a campaign-exclusive Catnip Challenge Mission! Clearing the first Story Mode chapter “Empire of Cats: The Battle Cats Rising” before the end of the anniversary campaign will earn players one free Platinum Ticket, good for a guaranteed Uber Rare hero. And even veteran players who have already beaten the Empire of Cats can collect this reward!


Next, it’s time to put those new Cats to work by taking on more special maps at the Legend Stages, earning extra Cat Food and Cat Tickets to power up your weirdly cute Cat Army! Plus, starting Sept. 17th (11:00am), players can pit their high scores earned at a Catclaw Dojo anniversary stage against the scores of other Cat Battlers from around the world for a chance at additional awesome rewards.


Users looking to complete their Cat collection can take advantage of Half-Off Sales for Special Cats, available each of the four weekends during the campaign. Unlock Cats for 50% of the Cat Food cost and round out your army for the battles to come!


Don’t miss out on a chance to buy the super limited Gacha Cat pack, including tough defensive hero “Gacha Cat” along with Cat Food and XP! This offer will be available to purchase only once by each player during the anniversary campaign!


The fun of the 7 Years of Battle Cats anniversary campaign kicks off from September 10th at 11:00am, with daily login stamp rewards offering Cat Food, Rare Tickets, and more, including limited character Farmer Cat with Stamp #3, and Coin Cat with #6! Make sure to visit the Cat Base menu each day before October 15th to collect every free reward!


Don’t miss out on these events during the biggest Battle Cats campaign of the year, plus many more special stages and fun features!




Genre: Strategy/Tower Defense

OS Requirements: iOS 10.0, Android OS 5.0

Homepage: https://battlecats.club/en/series/battlecats/

Download for iOS & Android: https://app.adjust.com/8o08kyk




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