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[PRESSWIRE] Athens, Greece - April 19, 2021 -- Matrix Pack, the global leader in cutting edge eco-friendly food packaging is announcing that, effective immediately, orders can be placed for its industry-first Bio Paper Plus Color Drinking Straws.


Matrix Pack, already the trusted supplier of paper drinking straws to Europe’s most Symbolic Quick Service Restaurants (QSR), Foodservice, Retail and Beverage/Bottling brands, is very proud to combine environmental stewardship with the commitment to deliver the very best to customers and consumers.


The modern paper drinking straw is a new highly engineered product and Matrix Pack is leading the way with its new Bio Paper Color Drinking Straws line, focusing on food contact safety, performance, and price.


About Matrix Pack: Matrix Pack is the market leader in Europe with its environmentally friendly food packaging / paper straw innovation and the originator of Charter of Trust (, an initiative aiming to ensure and promote compliant, safe paper drinking straws. A recently established North America office, along with local warehousing will ensure that customers in the USA and Canada have also easy access to its world first cutting-edge innovations. Many new groundbreaking, eco- friendly food packaging products are under development to ensure that Matrix Pack stays true to its vision of offering “New Dimensions in Natural Food Packaging – for a Healthier and Safer World”


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Dionisis Valentis, Head of International Sales (


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Miklos Tomka, GM North America (




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