Election Day Update: Voters To Consider Proposition 69, Key Infrastructure Accountability Measure


 [PRESSWIRE] LOS ANGELES, May 31, 2018 -- In the upcoming election on Tuesday, June 5, California voters will consider whether to adopt Proposition 69. This critical measure will hold legislators accountable and ensures that the estimated $5 billion in annual revenue generated from SB 1 taxes and fees will be used solely for its intended purposes: investing in critical transportation infrastructure projects.

These projects will benefit all Californians and allow us to fix roads, freeways and bridges across the state, support transportation infrastructure improvements that foster economic development, ease congestion and make our roads safer.




Leading experts and longtime infrastructure and construction veterans from the Southern California Partnership for Jobs, a unique partnership between organized labor and construction management, are available as a resource, comment, interview and/or guest to discuss Proposition 69 and other critical transit and infrastructure issues affecting Southern California residents, including:


  • Hot-button political debates regarding infrastructure projects and investment at the local, regional, statewide and national levels, including the SB1 repeal measure
  • Stories on specific local infrastructure projects
  • Economic impact stories as they relate to infrastructure development
  • Information on the shortage of workers and how it is impacting contractors – and in turn, delaying the construction of infrastructure projects – across the region, and how SCFPJ is addressing this issue by working with local schools on a unique education and training program that will provide an avenue of opportunity for students in the construction industry.




John Hakel, Executive Director, Southern California Partnership for Jobs

Dave Sorem, Chairman, Board of Trustees, Southern California Partnership for Jobs

SCPFJ board members, including high-profile labor and construction management leaders

The Southern California Partnership for Jobs is a unique coalition representing more than 2,750 construction firms employing more than 90,000 workers across Southern California. SCPFJ is a tireless advocate for responsible investment in public infrastructure such as roads, bridges, freeways, airports and water and power systems throughout the region. SCPFJ has played a central role in urging for the passage of Prop 69, securing the passages of Measure M and SB1, fighting the potential repeal of SB1 and advocating before elected officials across Southern California for investment in critical local and regional infrastructure projects. SCPFJ is not just advocating for infrastructure – its members are actively building it every day. SCPFJ members have built and are currently constructing some of the biggest water, transportation and environmental infrastructure projects in the region. For more information, visit http://socalworks.org