National Neighborhood Watch Partners with Super Grip Lock


 [PRESSWIRE] SWEET HOME, Ore., May 11, 2018 -- In today's world, bump keys, lock picks and pick guns sold online are used by criminals and unlock deadbolts and passage locks nearly as fast as a working key. Anyone who rents or stays in a hotel or motel faces another problem: strangers have their key. Which is why every family and traveler in America has the right to know there is a simple way to stop these intruders.

There were two million burglaries reported last year and millions more go unreported. The need to protect ourselves has never been greater, and it's the reason why the National Neighborhood Watch has partnered with Super Grip Lock, a simple new way to protect ourselves.

Super Grip Lock is a durable deadbolt strap that locks down the deadbolt handle when locked, which stops anyone from unlocking the door at home or when staying in a hotel or motel. The door stays locked even if the intruder has the key and it works on most deadbolts.

Twenty-five percent of every product sold on the SGL or NNW website will be donated to buy bulletproof vests for Police Officers who need them. Learn more about the Bulletproof Vest Program at

Super Grip Lock works instantly to make the deadbolt key & pick proof at a price anyone can afford. They can be purchased online at the National Neighborhood Watch website Click on Learn More to see demos. Scroll down to select the offer that best fits the customers need.

Thank you for supporting the National Neighborhood Watch Program, working to reduce crime in neighborhoods across America since 1972.

For more information and for follow-up news, contact:

Ron Moore/CEO, Super Grip Lock
548 50
th Ave.
Sweet Home, OR 97386 
Phone: 541-378-4533


Contact: Chief John Thompson (ret), Deputy Executive Director/COO National Sheriffs' Association 
1450 Duke Street
Alexandria, VA 22314
Phone: 703-838-5313