IIoT Platform Company IROOTECH Stirs up European Market


[PRESSWIRE] HANNOVER, German, April 19, 2018 -- IROOTECH, founded in 2016, is hatched by the giant Sany, a global manufacturer of construction machinery. Sany, founded in 1989, has been well known in Germany.

Today, IROOTECH has become an important industrial IoT platform company which provides IoT and big data services globally. RootCloud has already networked more than 400,000 high-quality machines all over the world, covering 42 sub-divided industries such as energy, textile, machine tools, mechanical engineering and agricultural sectors. The platform helps users to increase both the productivity and the efficiency of companies, to improve production processes and to successfully implement new business models. Important tools are IROOTECH Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. IROOTECH is also very active  in the subject of Blockchain.

Now IROOTECH wants to expand and attract new customers. With a "European" IIoT platform, which of course fulfills all technical and legal requirements in Europe in terms of security, data protection and other requirements, the company is embarking on an expansion course in Germany.

IROOTECH will offer its customers a complete and efficient ecosystem on the IIoT platform. The quality of services is backed by IROOTECH's extensive know-how in Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Virtual Reality and other modern technologies. Cooperation with M2M, edge computing, communications services or satellite services partners are also important elements for IROOTECH's European agenda.

In this way, Irootech works together with renowned international and German companies to build up the ecosystem. Putzmeister becomes the client of IIrootech. Then Irootech collaborates with AWS, Amazon Web Services, one of the leading international providers in cloud computing in the area of IaaS and infrastructure building. Besides, Irootech also collaborates with Munich Re in the area of IoT Insurance and Solutions, and other partners include Telenor and Honeywell. The cooperation between all these companies will be officially documented at the Hannover Messe on April 24 with a formal contract signing.

The ambitious goal of IROOTECH is to gain international market leadership in the IIoT market with RootCloud.