Esendex to Demonstrate RCS Concepts at Mobile World Congress


 [PRESSWIRE] NOTTINGHAM, England, Feb. 23, 2018 -- Leading telecommunications company Esendex will be at Mobile World Congress 2018 (MWC), to demonstrate a range of RCS concept journeys.

This year, Nottingham-based Esendex will be one of just a handful of companies present on the GSMA's Innovation City Exhibit.

Esendex will be communicating the benefits of an upgrade to SMS; Rich Communication Services (RCS).

RCS is hailed as the next generation of SMS. The core aim is for RCS to upgrade all branded customer communication, from relatively rudimentary activity, sales promotions and delivery updates for example, to far richer content than we, as consumers, have ever experienced before, such as the ability to reschedule an appointment or complete a purchase, without ever leaving our phone's messaging inbox.

As part of Google's Early Access Program with RCS, Esendex have partnered with leading online supermarket Ocado; to create some example interactive customer journeys. It is these RCS journeys that will be on display at MWC.

Esendex CEO Geoff Love commented:
"We are thrilled to be working alongside such a forward-thinking, ambitious company as Ocado; to demo the future potential of RCS. We believe that RCS is the next generation of text messaging and can't wait to show-off its capabilities at MWC."

The Ocado demos will include some core customer-facing journeys. Esendex have identified some core pain points with Ocado and proposed some RCS-led resolutions. One customer-facing example; notifies a customer of a failed payment for an online grocery shop and allows them to resolve the issue without leaving the phone's native messaging app.

Ocado, commented:
"We are passionate about improving our processes and communication channels for our customers. We strive to remain at the forefront of all technological advances, which is why partnering with Esendex to develop RCS experiences for our brand, seemed like the logical next step."

Mobile World Conference 2018 takes place between 26th February – 1st March. The Esendex demo can be found at the GSMA's Future Networks space in the Innovation City.

Note to editors: High resolution photography and infographic content available, showing multiple possible applications of RCS.

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