A Letter from Home of Shenyang goes Viral Across China


 [PRESSWIRE] SHENYANG, China, Feb. 12, 2018 -- On February 6, a topic went viral on WeChat moments in 12 Chinese cities. The metro newspapers of those major cities and their official WeChat accounts all carried the same headline: the city of Shenyang launches "Three Welcome-backs" to attract talents.

In order to boost innovation and economic transformation of the old industrial base, the Shenyang municipal government carried out the campaign of "Welcome back! Our fellow-townsman, old schoolmates, comrades-in-arms", aiming to attract investments and top talents, while setting up a platform to encourage the three groups of people to return to Shenyang and contribute to the city's development.

The campaign is in full swing across China. Local media and metro newspapers of Shenyang, together with 11 Chinese cities including Guangzhou, Chongqing, Dalian, all published the news about Shenyang's drive to attract talents on February 6 and 7. The campaign and its bright prospect have become a heated topic among people living in those cities.

According to statistics, through the coordinated promotion in 12 cities across the country, the campaign of Shenyanghas reached more than 10 million audience offline and over 6 million online. Everybody talked about Shenyang and missed the city. Shenyang quickly became one of the top trending topics on China's internet.

A manager working for a financial institution in the eastern Chinese city of Suzhou, with a surname of Zhang, wrote to the official WeChat account of the Shenyang metro newspaper, "I felt very sweet when I read the newspaper this morning. It's like a mother calling his child back home for dinner. I think it's time to go back."

Ahui, who started his business in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou three years ago, said on Weibo, "I want to keep this newspaper as it is the beginning of my return." Many metro newspaper readers have left their messages, "I want to go home!" "I want to do something for my hometown." "I'm going back to Shenyang with my family."

Welcome back! Shenyang bros! The city of Shenyang is attracting talents with full sincerity, and will rely on those talented people to boost local development through business projects. May everyone who cherishes a deep feeling in Shenyang can realize your great ambition in this vast black land!