FIFISH P3 Underwater Drone Unveiled at CES 2018


 [PRESSWIRE] LAS VEGAS, Jan. 11, 2018 -- Shenzhen QYSEA Technology Co., LTD, a leading underwater drone provider which has won the CES Innovation Award for 2 consecutive years, has unveiled its flagship product FIFISH P3 at CES 2018.

FIFISH P3 is an amazing underwater drone that allows incredible underwater exploration, photography and video, at a truly professional level.

Equipped with an Ambarella chipset, a 1-Inch SONY CMOS Sensor and a 162 degree FOV ultra-wide angle lens, FIFISH P3 can capture 4K HD Footage & 20-Megapixel photos underwater. In addition, the 4000 Lumens LED lights with 8 adjustable levels of brightness ensure you can capture more detail with higher performance in dark environments. FIFISH P3 delivers true-color imaging with stability and reliability even in poor ocean conditions.

Equipped with FIFISH APP, FIFISH P3 allows users to watch the epic moments in real-time. It can also beautify videos or pictures as you wish. With the click of a button, FIFISH apps allow you to instantly share stunning underwater moments to all social media platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, WeChat.

FIFISH P3 live broadcasted an underwater shooting of the Maldives at CES 2018 and it proved to be of surprisingly high quality. It is well known water quality, water brightness and water depth will affect the quality of photography or videography. The FIFISH P3's amazing live broadcast revealed its impressive performance to viewers. In addition to underwater shooting, FIFISH P3 includes a myriad of applications such as search and rescue, archaeology, dam detection, hydrological monitoring, aquarium project, tourism projects, underwater route survey, commercial photography etc. All of them have proven to be great successes.

FIFISH has a vision of launching a new era of ocean exploration with innovative technology and intends to build an internet marine science and technology museum. Although met with many obstacles, all were overcome with enthusiasm and a firm belief in striving for a better marine life!

At the end of January, FIFISH P3 will be launched on Indiegogo. To learn more about the FIFISH P3 please visit the homepage:


FIFISH is a world-leading underwater drone brand of Shenzhen QYSEA Technology Co., LTD. It is dedicated to provide truly professional underwater drones for shooting enthusiasts & underwater sports manics to explore the ocean.

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