Seyran Ates: "Iranian Mullahs and Government are the Real Terrorists"


 [PRESSWIRE] VIENNA, January 9, 2018 -- The Berlin lawyer and Islamic women's rights activist Seyran Ates is standing in solidarity with demonstrators in Iran in a message of greeting for the new year.

"Our support goes to the people of Iran who work for true democracy, freedom and human rights," Ates said in the message. "We mourn the deaths of the demonstrators killed by a brutal regime and we wish for the detainees to be released soon."

Iran has been abusing religion since the Islamic revolution of 1979 to maintain power and corruption in the mullah regime. "The ancient Persian culture and tradition have been destroyed, while the regime is doing everything it can to prevent its development into a modern society," Ates said.

Iranian foreign policy is also heavily criticized by the self-described liberal Imamin. The Teheran government has been pursuing aggressive expansion policies for years to strengthen its influence in the region. The Iranian intelligence service is active even in Europe and surveils exiled Iranians. "For me, the mullah regime in Iran is quite similar to the IS. Religion has become the symbol of the suppression of freedom and zest for life in Iran. The religious fanatics there are sick, sexually disturbed people who oppress not just women but a whole people to keep their terrorist regime in power."

Nevertheless, Ates hopes that "the year 2018 will be the year of liberation for the Persian people."

Successful European Citizens' Initiative STOP EXTREMISM

Meanwhile, the European Citizens' Initiative STOP EXTREMISM, co-founded by Seyran Ates, is starting the new year with vigor. So far, 300,000 eligible EU citizens have submitted a declaration of support on the website "I am proud to have launched this initiative," says Ates. "I would like to thank all those who have helped us with this declaration of support for this great success." And we ask all Europeans to join the initiative to fight any kind of extremism by visiting the website and declare your support!

STOP EXTREMISM - YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! We ask the EU for a joint consistent approach for all European countries against any form of extremism.

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