Cougar Solar Set to Launch New Magazine


[PRESSWIRE] London, United Kingdom - 27.08.2014 -- After 5 years in the UK market, Cougar Solar, the UK's premier source for solar powered gadgets and devices is set to launch a new magazine come September 2014.

The main goal of the magazine is to be a primary source of information for all things solar energy related in the UK and internationally. The magazine is aimed at individuals and businesses alike, to be both educative and informative.

By launching this magazine, Cougar Solar is going one step further in achieving its aim of helping individuals and businesses to be self sufficient with regards to energy generation thereby reducing environmental pollution as well as energy costs.

As part of its plans to look after the environment, the magazine would be available mostly online but print copies can be made available by request.

Cougar Solar's solar powered gadgets positively improve the quality of living by helping customers reduce their dependence on fossil fuels as well as reduce their CO2 emissions. To find out more about Cougar Solar, visit