[PRESSWIRE] London, United Kingdom - 01 December 2015 -- On Wednesday, 9 December, the day that the European Commission is expected to publish its long-awaited Communication: “Towards a modern, more European Copyright Framework”, RDI, the part-EU-funded digital copyright innovation project, is holding its final conference in Brussels anticipating many aspects of a “modern copyright framework”.

Wednesday, 9 December - 14h00-18h00 - Metropôle Hotel, Place de Brouckèreplein 31, 1000 Brussels

RDI will showcase the significant copyright innovation it has developed over a two-year period.  Thanks to the collaboration and support of project partners and contributors from the music, publishing, audiovisual and image sector (i), RDI’s work will help revolutionize creators’ ability to express their rights online as well as users’ ability to find content and associated permissions.

The project directors and representatives of the project partners will be joined by the European Commission Senior Innovation Adviser Robert Madelin and the Chairman of the Copyright Hub, Richard Hooper CBE to demonstrate and consider  RDI’s technical and practical solutions as well as the political implications for greater automation of copyright in the digital content network.

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Journalists who wish to attend are requested to fill in the official registration and to email

Confirmed speakers and panelists:  Robert Madelin, Senior Innovation Adviser, European Commission, Richard Hooper CBE, Chairman Copyright Hub, Vera Castanheira, Head of Legal and Licensing (AGICOA), Luc Audrain, Head of Digitalisation (Hachette Livre), Agustin Reyna, Senior Legal Officer  (BEUC), Godfrey Rust , Technical Work Lead RDI project/Rightscom. Andrew Farrow, RDI Project Coordinator, Rightscom. Moderator: Per Strömbäck, Editor Netopia

For further information, contact:

Andrew Farrow, RDI Project Coordinator, on Tel: +44 7803 025 767

Heidi Lambert on Tel: +44 7932 141 291 or visit

We will be tweeting live from the event under #RDIevent2015 from @linked_content - Please follow and re-tweet.

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