DueDil: New data appending technology transforms sales teams’ workflow in minutes


[PRESSWIRE] LONDON - 01 August, 2016 -- A new feature launched by DueDil, the company intelligence platform, transforms sales teams’ workflow by appending and enriching their lists of business data with financial, ownership and social information that is always kept accurate and up-to-date.

The CSV Uploads feature takes any static list of companies or contacts – such as customers, suppliers or Salesforce records – and automatically matches entries with DueDil’s database of businesses and stakeholders.

CSV Uploads appends each entry with company details, including addresses, SIC codes, and even LinkedIn and Twitter profiles, and further enriches them with live, accurate financial data, such as recent performance and shareholder details.

This turns old spreadsheets into living sources of actionable business information, letting sales teams analyse any list of companies or contacts within the DueDil platform and segment them by any financial metric. This helps teams find companies that resemble their ideal customer and focus their resources far more effectively, improving their workflow and performance.

For example, by uploading a list of attendees at an event, or of prospects for a forthcoming campaign, a sales team can immediately access vital information about every participant’s company - including recent performance and any red flags.

By segmenting the information via DueDil, the team can ensure it targets the most attractive prospects and deploys resources towards them – while avoiding less relevant attendees. The team can also export that data to Salesforce, creating accurate, clean records of every potential customer.

DueDil Co-founder and CEO Damian Kimmelman said: “Sales teams waste vast amounts of time and money by working off outdated, inaccurate company lists. CSV Uploads extracts the value hidden in those lists and gives teams live, precise information to work with, helping them find the opportunities in the data they already possess. This new feature is a phenomenal technical achievement, bringing advanced data matching technology within the reach of any company.”

In addition, DueDil’s new List Reports feature lets sales teams produce detailed reports on a set of companies. By uploading their lists and analysing the results, they can reveal statistical trends, ideal customers and untapped markets, helping them better prioritise their efforts in order to maximise effectiveness.

Mr. Kimmelman said: “The List Reports feature gives teams their own personal data analyst capable of providing insight, guidance and clarity within seconds. For example, by breaking down a team’s Salesforce database, it helps companies identify underperforming areas that need extra attention or sweet spots that generate the most revenue.”

About DueDil

In times of uncertainty, businesses rely on DueDil to help them make data-informed decisions.

DueDil is an online tool that combines comprehensive sources of company information to uncover business opportunities and understand risks. Unlike traditional information suppliers, DueDil provides a unified platform for teams across a business to contextualise and navigate the relationships between sets of data.

As a result, over 175,000 businesses use DueDil to find information about the companies they deal with and the people who run them.

Based in London, DueDil has raised nearly $30m from respected investors in the US and UK, including Oak Investment Partners, Passion Capital and Notion Capital.


Norval Scott
Communications Manager