Reviews for our Media Contact Database and Press Release Distribution

Review Sites Have Some Great Client Feedback For Presswire… From The Coffee Company Lavazza, For Our Press Release Distribution Service, To Martin Deeson, Previously Of The Iconic Loaded Magazine, For Our Media Contacts Database.



At Presswire, we're always happy to find professional industry and user reviews of our products online…


A profile for Presswire appeared on Trustpilot for the first time in 2021, and the positive vibes quickly began appearing! Here are just a few of the first comments -- 'Professional, extremely helpful and responsive' ... 'Effective mass audience press release distribution. Very impressive.' ... 'It's rare to find a PR agency that is professional, responsive, reliable and approachable, and Presswire is all these things!' 


And last summer, Presswire won Aqcuisition International's prestigious Business Excellence Best Global Press Release Distribution Award! You can read more about that here...


Earlier, in 2020, the independent online European business news portal awarded Presswire higher than PRNewswire and Cision!

They said:

"Presswire pride themselves on being more of a bespoke service that will ensure your press release reaches the hands of the journalists who are most likely to be interested and publish a story on it. The way they achieve this is by tailoring a unique series of lists taken from their media database, which is said to contain over half a million contacts across local and national newspapers, magazines, TV, radio and online networks.

"Your press release can be sent out via their website if you register with Presswire, or directly if you drop them an email. Choose between HTML or pure text, and the option to embed videos or images is included in the price. They’ll even test your press release to ensure it doesn’t end up heading straight to the spam box.

"All of this customisation and added extras without further cost are fantastic for small businesses. You will end up spending a bit more, but at least that guarantees your content will get to those most likely to write about what you send them."


Here's one from Philip Wylonis, Co-founder of

"We use - I can highly recommend this platform if you have a little money to use."


And over on, Martin Deeson just gave us five stars, and called our system 'A Powerful Tool'.

He said: "As someone who spent 20 years in magazine editorial (for GQ, Loaded, Square Mile and others) and working as a freelance writer I know that perhaps the majority of press releases are mis-directed or irrelevant to the editor they are sent to. Two years ago I crossed over to the other side and established a PR company (Deeson & Deeson) specialising in publicity for High Net Worth individuals and PR for the music industry. I those two years I found that probably the single biggest challenge was finding a reliable database of media contacts in the UK and abroad. I have tried a couple of different products and been very disappointed with the accuracy of their information. Since joining Presswire three months ago I have used the media contacts database on a daily basis and found it an invaluable tool for reaching the right person, on the right title or media outlet. Of course, the media is an industry with an often rapid turnaround of staff and so there will always be occasional times when the person indicated for a particular job has moved on, but I find Presswire to be the most accurate source yet for such information and overall I am very happy with the product."


And Lavazza USA called our Press Release Distribution system an 'Excellent service'

They said: "Presswire is one of the best press release services out there for corporate disclosure and news release distribution, for big or small companies. We've been using them for about five years and they keep getting us good exposure through targeting the right journalists for our sector, and syndicating releases across their own online network, which also helps our SEO. The only downside is their website and use-interface is a bit old and hasn't changed for a few years, but one of their account managers told me they're launching a whole new system this year, for Distribution, Media Monitoring and Public Relations, so we're looking forward to seeing that."


The great news is that the new system Lavazza mentioned has now been launched, and we can consequently now give all of our clients direct access to our Media Database directly through our new, redeveloped website and back-office system!


These user comments echo the many references we supply from satisfied Presswire clients on our website, many of whom came over to us from other big-name Media Contacts Database, Press Release Distribution and Media Monitoring providers.


If you're looking to send press releases, subscribe to a media database or monitor media for press coverage, drop us a line here, we'd love for you to be another positive reviewer of our services!