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[PRESSWIRE] MIRAIRE Inc.https://miraire.com總公司橫濱市西區代表取締役社長志賀雄太以下稱MIRAIRE將於2020930日在歐洲主要地區、1015日在包含日本的亞洲及大洋洲地區、部分歐洲地區推出智慧型手機真實世界遊戲「TSUBASA+(」。不僅如此,還將從今天開始全球同步舉辦「預先註冊活動」。註冊用戶可在遊戲開始時獲得指定的遊戲內道具。

TSUBASA+ a Ser Lançado em 30 de Setembro nos Principais Países Europeus

[PRESSWIRE] MIRAIRE, TÓQUIO-YOKOHAMA: TSUBASA+, um jogo do mundo real para telefones celulares, será lançado nas principais regiões da Europa em 30 de setembro de 2020, e na Ásia e Oceania, incluindo o Japão, em 15 de outubro de 2020, juntamente com outras regiões da Europa. (TSUBASA+ (Tsubasa Plus)


إطلاق لعبة تسوباسا+ في الدول الأوروبية الكبرى في 30 أيلول/سبتمبر

[PRESSWIRE] MIRAIRE، طوكيو-يوكوهاما: تسوباسا+ هي لعبة عالم واقعي للهواتف المحمولة من المقرر إطلاقها في المناطق الأوروبية الكبرى في 30 أيلول/سبتمبر 2020، وفي آسيا وأوقيانوسيا، بما في ذلك اليابان، إضافة إلى المزيد من المناطق الأوروبية في 15 تشرين الأول/أكتوبر 2020. (تسوباسا+ (تسوباسا بلاس)   
تم تعيين أندريس إنييستا كأول الداعمين الرسميين للعبة تسوباسا+، وهو عضو سابق في منتخب إسبانيا لكرة القدم ويلعب حاليًا مع فيسيل كوبه الياباني.


TSUBASA+ será lanzado el 30 de septiembre en los principales países europeos

[PRESSWIRE] MIRAIRE, TOKIO-YOKOHAMA – 25.09.20 -- TSUBASA+, un juego de realidad aumentada para teléfonos móviles, será lanzado en las principales regiones de Europa el 30 de septiembre de 2020, y en Asia y Oceanía, incluyendo Japón, el 15 de octubre de 2020, fecha en la que también se lanzará en otras regiones de Europa. (TSUBASA+ (Tsubasa Plus)


TSUBASA+ to be Released September 30th in major European Countries

[PRESSWIRE] MIRAIRE, TOKYO-YOKOHAMA – 25 September, 2020 -- TSUBASA+, a real-world gameplay for mobile phones, will be released in major European regions on September 30, 2020, and in Asia and Oceania, including Japan, on October 15, 2020 together with more European regions. (TSUBASA+ (Tsubasa Plus)



[PRESSWIRE] Brussels - 24 September 2020 -- In advance of next week’s publication of the European Commission’s updated Digital Education Action Plan, ISFE presents the results of the Games in Schools project. The project includes the new teachers’ handbook, a resource created for teachers, in collaboration with European Schoolnet (the network of 34 Ministries of Education).


Reality Check for Domestic EV Charging Networks

[PRESSWIRE] London, UK - 24 September, 2020 -- One of Britain’s leading operators of local energy networks is warning that the electric vehicle (EV) revolution could be in danger of stalling unless technological innovation can prevent system overload.


Eveliqure announces the initiation of a Phase 1 clinical study of its combined Shigella and ETEC vaccine candidate

[PRESSWIRE] Austria - 24 September, 2020 -- Eveliqure Biotechnologies GmbH, an Austrian biotechnology company, today announces the initiation of clinical testing for its ShigETEC vaccine candidate, with the dosing of the first subject in a Phase 1 safety and immunogenicity study in Europe.


Ava launches the Aware Cloud video security solution

[PRESSWIRE] LONDON - September 21, 2020 -- Simple and powerful video security for organizations of any size...


B Medical Systems Opens US Subsidiary in Indiana

[PRESSWIRE] US - 19 September, 2020 - B Medical Systems, a leading European medical refrigeration and global vaccine cold chain manufacturer, is pleased to announce the official opening of its new 10,000 sq ft sales office and warehouse in Noblesville, Indiana. With over 40 years of experience in the medical refrigeration and vaccine cold chain market, the company offers a full line of medical-grade refrigerators, freezers, ultra-low temperature freezers, and transport devices designed for the safe storage and transport of biological materials, critical samples, blood, and vaccines.