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Press Releases in Housing

Housebuilders Appetite for Multi-utility Services Continues to Grow as Pressure Increases to Build More New Homes

[PRESSWIRE] LONDON, October 21, 2016 -- The government's recent announcement that it will pump £5billion pounds into the economy to build tens of thousands of homes is putting increasing pressure on housebuilders to improve efficiency and drive results.

YIT’s Renewed Strategy: Urban Development as the Engine of Growth

[PRESSWIRE] HELSINKI - 26 September, 2016 -- Regulatory News: YIT’s (HEX:YTY1V) Board of Directors has confirmed YIT’s renewed strategy for the next three-year period. The engine for growth and profitability is urban development involving partners. The company wants to differentiate itself by caring for customers, visionary urban development, passionate execution and inspiring leadership.

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