19 Oct 2017 - 4:49am

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Press Releases in Overseas Trade

Call to Transform Cities into Large-Scale Innovation Labs

[PRESSWIRE] London, United Kingdom - 09 February, 2017 -- On February 9th, the SELECT for Cities Initiative launches its call to support the development of an Internet-of-Everything platform for open innovation in Europe. Selected organisations will receive support and funding from EUR 36,000 to EUR 800,000 each. The grants are funded by three cities – Antwerp, Copenhagen and Helsinki - with support from the European Commission Horizon 2020 programme.

Insitu ScanEagle Completes Successful Maritime Surface Search at Royal Navy's Unmanned Warrior

[PRESSWIRE] BINGEN, Washington, Nov. 15, 2016 -- With its number of flight hours quickly approaching one million, Insitu's ScanEagle platform continues to pioneer through iterative innovation. This held true at the Royal Navy's Unmanned Warrior demonstration, where Insitu showcased its newest wide-area maritime surface search and identification technology for representatives from the Royal Navy as well as military and industry officials from across the globe.

Piracy drops but crew kidnapping persists in West Africa and Southeast

[PRESSWIRE] LONDON - 20 October, 2016 -- Piracy activity in the third quarter of 2016 declined in global hotspots compared to the previous quarter. Southeast Asia and the East Africa and Indian Ocean High Risk Area (HRA) both saw drops in reported piracy incidents. West Africa notably experienced a drop in severe incidents such as attacks and hijackings.

Build any conceivable configuration with the new Bild™ multi-monitor system

[PRESSWIRE] Copenhagen, Denmark - 13.04.15 -- Innovative Europe (www.lcdarms.com) has officially launched its award-winning Bild™ multi-monitor system in Europe. Bild is a highly configurable solution able to mount from two to 16 or more flat panel and touchscreen monitors for exceptionally enhanced productivity in any industry.

Macro USA Corporation Lands Hong Kong Robotics Contract

[PRESSWIRE] Sacramento, California - 31.12.14 -- Macro USA Corporation announced today that it will be working with the Hong Kong Police Department to provide two of its specialized Unmanned Ground Vehicles.

Macro will be supplying it's field tested Armadillo 4.5 Explosive Ordnance Disposal unit and the newly developed Stingray which is used for anti-piracy and marine interdiction missions.


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