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Press Releases in TV & Video Production

Chariots of Fire - The forgotten facts

[PRESSWIRE] 13.07.2012 -- As Chariots Of Fire returns to cinemas in the UK this weekend, film critics & the media appear to have forgotten that without the financial involvement of Mohamed Al Fayed, Chariots Of Fire would never have been made! Chariots Of Fire was co-produced and financed by Allied Stars, the film production company run by the late Dodi Al Fayed which also produced and financed Breaking Glass, FX, FX:2, Hook, The Scarlet Letter and Peter Pan.

Thai Night at the American Film Market 2011, Thailand Comes to Hollywood

[PRESSWIRE] 22.10.2011The American Film Market is being held from November 2 - 9, 2011 Santa Monica, California. The event will showcase Thailand as a premiere destination for Filmmakers. Many major Hollywood studios consider Thailand a key location for shooting films to make the country become a regional center for the entertainment business because it offers high-quality products and services at relatively low cost.

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