28 Mar 2017 - 3:09pm

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Press Releases in Politics

Department of Defense to Speak at IQPC's CRISPR Summit

[PRESSWIRE] LONDON, March 13, 2017 -- Dr Allison Hinds, part of the chemical/biological warfare in public heath and infectious disease division for the Department of Defense, will be joining pharmaceutical R&D professionals at the CRISPR Summit this May. Her role within the department is to provide technical advice and strategic operational recommendations pertaining to chemical and biological threats.

Call to Transform Cities into Large-Scale Innovation Labs

[PRESSWIRE] London, United Kingdom - 09 February, 2017 -- On February 9th, the SELECT for Cities Initiative launches its call to support the development of an Internet-of-Everything platform for open innovation in Europe. Selected organisations will receive support and funding from EUR 36,000 to EUR 800,000 each. The grants are funded by three cities – Antwerp, Copenhagen and Helsinki - with support from the European Commission Horizon 2020 programme.

International school, UWC Mostar, extends scholarships to students including refugees affected by the US immigration ban

[PRESSWIRE] Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina - 03 February, 2017 -- United World College (UWC) Mostar, a prestigious international school in Bosnia-Herzegovina, has announced today that it will extend scholarships to refugees and students from all seven nations affected by the recent immigration ban in response to the Executive Order "Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States" issued by US President Donald J. Trump. They will be invited to study alongside fellow students from the US and over 50 other countries to foster international understanding.

The Second Most Important Vote on November 8th - Maine's Question 5 on Ranked Choice Voting

[PRESSWIRE] United States - 04 November, 2016 -- Documentarians John Farrell and Jake Simms accidentally stumbled across the second most important vote happening in the United States on election day while researching and recording for their election series "Third Canddiates ." The vote in question is Maine’s “Question 5.” A citizen initiative that would implement Ranked Choice Voting, a new voting system, for all state level elections.

'Third Candidates' Seeks to Answer Questions about Third Party Politics

[PRESSWIRE] United States - 03 August, 2016 -- “Post convention bumps show Hillary back in command of the election, but because of widespread voter dissatisfaction with the major parties, there’s still some room for shakeups between now and November,” says 'Third Candidates' co-creator John Farrell, adding “Green Party candidate Jill Stein has caught the eye of former Bernie supporters and Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson has been polling in double digits for months now and could make a push to be included in the debates”.

MILLENNIAL POLL ON BREXIT: The referendum to stay or exit the European Union is about the future, and the people who represent the future of Britain most, the millennials, have made it clear that theirs includes being part of the EU

[PRESSWIRE] Sunday, 24 April 2016 – London, UK -- Millennials have lots to say regarding the upcoming Referendum on exiting the EU and they intend to say it on election day.  In an exclusive survey of 18-34s conducted entirely on mobile devices, an overwhelming 74% intend to vote on the upcoming June 23 referendum with a solid 53% stating that they are “very likely” to vote.


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