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British Hairdressing Awards 2006 Finalists Announced

Hairdressers Journal International is delighted to announce the finalists for the nine regional and six specialist categories for the British Hairdressing Awards 2006.

In 1985, the British Hairdressing Awards - presented by the Hairdressers Journal International and sponsored by Schwarzkopf Professional - were launched to reward hairdressers who were pushing the boundaries of hairdressing forward, creating and setting the trends and excelling in this competitive industry. Today, the British Hairdressing Awards are cited as the “Oscars’ of the hairdressing world.

The Perfect Red Lipstick from Colorlab Custom Cosmetics

Autumn 2006 sees the return of the red lipstick as a key makeup trend. Traditionally, finding the perfect red lipstick has proved difficult and often takes several purchases!

This no longer needs to be the case as getting the perfect shade of red is easy with Colorlab Custom Cosmetics.

Lipsticks are custom blended at the Colorlab counter to the customer’s unique specifications and any adjustments are made during the creation process.

Hot Cows aim to titillate tired eyes

Advertising by traditional means is no longer the cash cow it once was, and the sacred cow that is established marketing is being shunned by ad-weary consumers. The industry needs fresh ideas fast. Could the answer everyone is looking for be…a ‘Hot Cow’?

Leaf through the international marketing press since January, past the usual market predictions, analysis and opinion pieces and you’ll find a faint, but increasingly recurrent, cry for help.

Get your brand on a Hot Cow hide this summer

With well over half of the UK leaving the house in search of entertainment, the great outdoors is set to be the biggest and best arena for flaunting your brand this summer.

As people of all ages gear up to spend less time consuming traditional media and more time \'on the streets\' – the time for planning how to engage them is now.

So how does a fresh medium to get your brand in front of this audience and convert advertising into sales as a talking point sound?

Airport security under siege

Sometimes security dangers aren’t as clandestine as you may think. In fact, one of the most serious threats to your firm’s security could be sitting next to you… in the airport departure lounge.

Engineers from the global security consultancy Scanit have found documents and emails that could bring some global companies to their knees, on public access terminals in airport departure lounges.

Print journalism ‘more prestigious than online’

A poll by news and features syndication site greatreporter.com shows two thirds of reporters still think print pips the post in prestige over web journalism...

In the online poll, 66 per cent of respondents said they agreed with the statement: ‘Print journalism is more prestigious than online'.

A quarter of voters said they didn't agree with the statement, and a further seven per cent said they were undecided.

Businesses that fail disabled ‘risk legal woes’

Changes to the law that protects disabled people in Britain from discrimination will mean businesses and employers should brace themselves for a raft of legal challenges this year, experts predict…

Following an amendment to the Disability Discrimination Act late last year, employers, landlords and property managers are obliged to take steps to remove barriers to the workplace and provide welfare facilities for disabled workers.

This includes a wide-reaching extension to cover businesses' and the public sector's provision of services.

IE was ‘unsafe’ for 98% of 2004, Mozilla safest

Global security consultancy ScanIT shows Microsoft's Internet Explorer was "unsafe" for 98% of 2004, while rival browser Mozilla was "unsafe" for only 15%.

The figures come from 195,000 internet users who checked their systems for vulnerabilities using ScanIT’s free online Browser Security Checker in 2004.

The checker’s findings showed surfers using Mozilla’s Firefox browser enjoyed the shortest "exposure period" where a patch for known vulnerabilities in the browser was unavailable.

Pain for pregnant workers and employers avoidable, expert says

The burgeoning number of women leaving work each year over pregnancy discrimination and ignorance by employers could be dramatically reduced if employers act on their obligations, a leading Health & Safety company has advised.

As many as 30,000 working women are forced out of their jobs annually because of pregnancy discrimination, including being denied promotion and bonuses, facing verbal abuse and employers failing to make adequate provisions for them.


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