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Non-Persons - The Exclusion of Migrants in a Global Society

From blessed survivors of deadly sea-crossings to public enemies in a country in search for scapegoats: this is the Odyssey faced by the many thousands of illegal migrants who, each year, manage to reach the Italian shores and then go underground, working in the black market and surviving on the fringes of society.

With its geographical position and long, easily accessible coastlines, Italy serves, from a migration point of view, as a “gate to Europe”.

"Faith in Democracy" by Fabrizio Elefante

"Faith in Democracy" by Fabrizio Elefante is an in-depth philosophical analysis of how democracy is being shaped by mass communication, thereby gradually turning into “populist democracy” - a form of totalitarianism characterized by a constant quest for public consensus through the media.

This new form of democracy, the author says, is unprecedented, and therefore difficult to analyse without adopting a new kind of critique, distinct from any theoretical approaches used in the past.


San Diego, CA – April 22, 2009 – Chumby announced today the public availability of chumby® Internet devices in the United Kingdom. Consumers in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland can now purchase the innovative and award-winning chumby directly from chumby online at http://store.chumby.com for $199.95.

The UK joins Japan (http://www.chumby.jp/) and Australia (http://chumby.on.net/) as the first locations outside the U.S. where consumers can purchase chumbys.

New trading channel shows way to profitability

Beginner and expert traders alike can now tune in to Trade with Precision’s video bulletins for daily trading updates and execution tips.

The ’Precision Perspectives’ trading channel examines the intricacies of day trading currency pairs on the Forex market, as well as successfully gap-trading the mini-Dow and mini-NASDAQ futures.

The visual aids not only show subscribers how to place winning trades while minimising risk and maximising profit, but additionally demonstrate winning executions placed by the team themselves.

Watch out for worker stress, or face the consequences, managers warned

It’s little surprise stress levels have rocketed in the downturn as uncertainty over job security grows, but managers and directors can find themselves in the firing line if they fail to deal with the welfare of their staff...

The Health and Safety Executive - which has issued a new edition of its detailed overview on work-related stress - recently estimated stress costs organisations with 500 employees around 250 working days a year.

Businesses needn't skimp on security: SecPoint's Protector offers unbeatable value

The latest network Protector from Danish IT security experts SecPoint means corporate customers worldwide can protect their businesses from escalating network threats despite the downturn...

While firms are cutting costs anyway they can, security professionals running IT departments are unwilling to let budgets compromise their ability to fend off malware, spam and denial of service attacks with good reason.

Major UK conference on combating terrorist financing, money laundering, bribery and corruption

Major UK conference to hear updates on national and international measures to combat terrorist financing, money laundering, and bribery and corruption

As the UK Government announces its latest measures to fight terrorist financing, and also bribery and corruption, the Institute of Money Laundering Prevention Officers (IMLPO) is holding its sixth annual conference to discuss these and other key concerns facing all those working in the front line of financial crime prevention.

How Secure is Your Corporate Wi-Fi Network? Test it With SecPoint

With WPA encryption already being cracked, and hackers harnessing graphics cards to break wireless keys in minutes, firms should look at SecPoint's wireless testing product the Penetrator to ensure their networks are secure...

Network experts have recently demonstrated how to detect a wireless network 3.6km away using a metal pole; how to break the Temporal Key Integrity Protocol (TKIP) key that WPA uses in under 15 minutes; and how to speed up encryption key cracking 10,000 times by graphics card processors in a business network.

Slow food at full speed - Exotic food with SCANPAN Tagine

The kitchen is an eternal source of fantastic adventures that tickle our senses of smell, sight and taste.

Behind the stove, we willingly “travel” around the world to produce new dishes that enrich the family’s repertoire, experimenting with exotic spices and ingredients from the Middle East, the Far East and the kitchens of North Africa.

Therefore, SCANPAN Denmark (www.scanpan.dk) introduces throughout Europe a new, exciting product to satisfy the creative cook’s penchant for ethnic authenticity and aesthetics: the Tagine.

Frank Lampard split, top divorce lawyer comments

Top London matrimonial lawyer Ayesha Vardag comments on reports that Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard’s ex-fiance Elen Rivesmay may be entitled to up to half of his £23m fortune, despite not being married to him.

Ayesha Vardag comments:

“Cohabitation is not marriage. At a time where huge 50-50 payouts on divorce are all over the news, it’s worth remembering that the story is very different if you don’t tie the knot legally.


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